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Friday, January 18, 2013

I got to thinking this morning about the differences in my food and lifestyle in the past 6 weeks. That's when I first watched Hungry for Change. I watched it for about the 10th time last night and I'm still retaining new things each time. I didn't watch it thinking it would change me, it was just an interesting looking documentary, but it ended up altering my perception in ways I never dreamed were possible. I don't mean to romanticize here, but that's the honest truth and the best way to describe the change it sparked in me. It literally perception. Of "dieting", of weight loss, of my meal plans and food journaling. I don't see junk food the same. I don't see processed food the same. I'm never going to be a perfectly clean eater, Boston Pizza will see to that. But my aim is 80% and I'm at that now with these changes...

1. I've not been to Tim Hortons since sometime in November and I have zero plans to go back. There's nothing on their shelf I want or need and I can get organic, full leaf green tea at home with raw, organic, unpasteurized honey or stevia.

2. I've had Starbucks 3 times since Dec 1st and once was for my birthday. I will still get my mocha every Sunday morning before church, but I won't get a grande, I'll switch to tall. It will do what I need it to do with less calories and it's a treat.

3. I used to eat lunch out at LEAST once per week. Fridays, for SURE. Last night I tried to decide what I would have for lunch out today. Couldn't think of one place with something I wanted to eat. Normally, Quiznos is my fave, but I don't want processed meat in my system and the amount of bread for one sandwich is really high. I don't need that much bread. So I'm having my homemade stuffed pepper soup instead. I made a batch a few weeks ago and I'm still enjoying it once or twice a week for lunch.

4. Sugar literally stops me in my tracks and redirects me. I've heard it 1000 times, but did not "get it" until this documentary. I don't know why, but this was the time I heard it. Insulin is a fat producing hormone. Insulin is raised by sugar levels. Fat doesn't make people fat. Sugar makes people fat. Goodbye as much sugar as I can possibly not eat.'s an addiction and it will take some time to totally break it. I'm doing oodles better with sugar and I say no to a LOT of sugar I used to readily consume, but I had a coffee crisp yesterday so clearly I'm not there yet lol.

5. Ketchup got left out during a family emergency for several days. It was still good. That's not normal. Almost out, then I'll be making my own, which will last for 2 weeks at the most. Same with salad dressings and honey mustard dipping sauce. Using up what I have, then making my own.

6. 2 years ago I had hashbrowns and eggs and o.j. 5 days a week for breakfast. Sat/Sun I had pancakes or McDonalds, or Timmy's. Seriously. That's gross. Then I thought I went better and switched to 2 slices of white bread with margarine and peanut butter with a cup of 1% milk. I loved it. Once I stopped, and then had white bread again I felt sick and realized I always felt like that! I was just too stupid to notice and make the connection. Now, I have a smoothie every morning except Sundays for breakfast. I have 1/2c organic vanilla yogurt, 1 cup of organic fruit and 1/2c Pom Original juice. I add 1 tsp spirulina or chia seeds when I'm well, but I just had a tooth pulled and don't want algae or seeds in my socket. I LOVE my smoothies and I'm just using ingredients up before trying new combos. I'm dying to try coconut water smoothies.

7. No more margarine. Good lord, how much margarine have I poured on popcorn, smeared on bread and baked with over the years? Too many man-made ingredients. Butter has 2...cream and milk. It's taking some getting used to, but even my brother couldn't ignore the truth about margarine and he's begrudgingly switching to butter.

8. No more skim or 1% milk. Fat doesn't make people fat. The fat in milk (organic) is good for you! It's not going to make it hard for me to lose weight, or make me gain! 2% it is and organic always.

9. I listened to Dave Wolfe. I mean, really heard him. It sunk into my head, my bloodstream, my dna when he said, "don't worry about taking stuff out! just add in the good! eventually the bad stuff will get crowded out" Wow. Wow. Think about it for a minute, really. Don't worry about saying, no I can't have that.Don't worry about deprivation. Just ADD. Add cucumber, add apples, add salad, add boiled eggs and organic meats and fresh fish. Just add. Keep the focusing on that and the bad IS getting crowded out. The side effect, the natural effect of my body being fed on a cellular level will be weight loss!!!! Add water, add green tea. Where's the room for soda??? There isn't.

10. My kid is learning too. I didn't try to educate her myself. I'm her mother. She's 12. I know nothing. I sent her links to reputable sources laying out why Gatorade is bad and the truth about athletes saying they drink it. Does Mia Hamm honestly drink Gatorade before a big soccer game? Hell no!! She drinks water!!! But they're paid to say they drink Gatorade and she's old enough to know these things about celebrities. The result is this.."Mom can we learn to make our own sports drink without sugar? I heard you can use coconut water and pineapple". Um...of course honey, good thinking!

11. I have more money. How is that possible?????? I mean, I'm eating about 75% organic right now! Milk, eggs, chicken, beef, cheese, butter, brown sugar, tea, yogurt, pasta, pasta sauce, fruit, So how is it that I'm constantly noticing how much more money is left in my bank account? I'm shopping less often and coming home with less food because I'm not eating foods that are designed to make me need more to feel satiated. The organic chicken breasts are small :( But They're so nutritionally dense, I'm full! I don't need anywhere near as much of the good stuff as I would the bad. And I'm not snacking and spending money on junk food or take out.

I needed to make note of these changes now so that if I get derailed even for a short time I can remember how far I've come without even trying.
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    You are making great changes! emoticon Keep up the good work!
    1739 days ago
  • STRINGI719
    AMAZING! So very happy for you & proud of you, your brother, and your daughter for all the changes you are making!

    It is also all very Scriptural, too. Think about it... what were foods like when God first made them? In Genesis, He gave humans fruits & veggies to eat, and He said the animals should eat the green grass. So the more 'freggies' you eat, the healthier you'll be. And if the animals you eat are eating the way God designed them to eat, they are much healthier for you.

    Instead of thinking just "WWJD", people need to ask themselves, "What would Jesus have eaten?" If he didn't have access to it back then (chips, cookies, soda, fast food, etc), we probably don't need to be eating it now!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1739 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/18/2013 2:32:33 PM
    Way to go!
    1739 days ago
    1739 days ago
  • TOPCAT93
    good deal
    1739 days ago
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