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Quoth Han Solo

Friday, January 18, 2013

You know the scene:
Cloud city, after they have tortured Han, they dump him back in the cell with Leia and Chewie. Then he scuffles with Lando. Chewie helps the battered Solo up and he, with his usual talent for gross understatement simply says, "I feel Terrible” but you hear the pain and exhaustion in his voice.

I feel you Han.

I feel awful. Instead of feeling stronger, better, etc.. I feel drained, sore, and weak.
I have really been pushing myself physically and I have not been sleeping well all week.
Last night all I wanted to do was go home and curl up with a movie and food. I was just that tired and down. I also had a raging headache (again)
I had to clean house because of guests tonight, so instead of doing Yoga with JAHINTZY
I went home and reluctantly tackled that. I did the bare minimum. I also overate at dinner. I felt bad about that.
I should have done cardio of some sort. Stupid January jumpstart Challenge. I have to do at least 5 days cardio and since I know I can’t do it tonight I should have done it last night.
I lugged laundry down stairs and while I was there at least did my video requirement for the day (only 8 minutes)
Even that felt like too much. By this point I feel inclined to listen to my body. This was not normal reluctance; this was the verge of outright shutdown.
Still I felt bad about my dinner and lazy because I will have no chance to work out tonight.
I finally struggled through a bit of gentle belly dancing and some yoga on my own, but while I felt nice and stretched out I still felt bad about not burning calories. I just could not. Of course this fed into my tired, depressive feeling.
I had a couple pieces of chocolate (yup there goes logic out the window), put in one last load of laundry, and went to bed.
I still did not sleep well.
My body HURTS even though I gave it a bit of a break last night.
I am tired.
I am cranky.
I have a headache (for the third day in a row)

Eating oatmeal and drinking my coffee while typing have help restore a little humanity to me.

This too shall pass.

I know my body is just struggling to adjust to the increase of exercise I have given it. The insomnia is something I struggle with regularly anyway, this is just bad timing because my body really craves sleep right now.

TGIF. At least tomorrow I can sleep in if my internal alarm clock will allow.
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    I hope that this passes quickly. Being tired is so difficult on the soul so I am sending you some energy until your shows up.
    1886 days ago
    I, too, struggle with sleep problems, and I know how discouraging and energy-sapping they are! I have learned that balance is very important. I suspect you are pushing TOO HARD for what your body can incorporate. Please don't try to be tough old Jane Wayne! Listen to your body, ease back from pushing so hard, and think about smaller, more customized steps toward improved fitness. This is supposed to be FUN! If you stop having fun, it is time to change it up until you do! Hang in there, Spark Friend!
    1888 days ago
    Ok ok, I have to actually comment too.

    Be careful. Listen to your body. The challenge and the advice is naturally generic, one-size-fits-all information. And, as we all know, one-size-fits-all means everyone is uncomfortable. Customize the plan for yourself and stop sh!tting on yourself when your body starts telling you to PAY ATTENTION.

    Sometimes eating a bunch helps me lose weight. Sometimes not working out makes me stronger the next time I go to the gym. We don't win at a healthy lifestyle by ignoring the signals that we need recovery time and time to adjust. Exercise is not punishment for something - it should make you better, faster, and stronger. If you don't rest, it will just break you down.

    Spend today (or someday soon) feeding your muscles so they can grow strong and resting them so the inflammation goes down. FYI: My weight training program REQUIRES that I workout for three weeks and then take a week off. I can do three sets with 35% of the weight I usually use and that's IT. People who build performance programs put in rest for a REASON.




    1888 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/18/2013 10:14:05 AM
    Well, given the title of the blog, really the only appropriate comment is:

    I know.
    1888 days ago
  • KONRAD695
    I've been there before, and I'm back there as we speak. Be cautious of sickness right now. Apart from that try melatonin for sleep, motrin for body, and a lavender salt bath for mind. Keep pushing and best of luck to you. You're doing great things for yourself!!
    1888 days ago
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