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1/17/13: I Must Be Dehydrated, TMJ and BodyMedia

Friday, January 18, 2013

Okay, so, the armband I got isn't bluetooth apparently, but hey, I got it second hand for a heck of a lot less than retail, so I am still MEGA happy with it. At first, I was confused how to use it, because I couldn't see any place to charge it or anything. I couldn't even find the serial number. So, I emailed the person I bought it from totally confused- at first I thought I was being ripped off- but she was so nice and helpful and I felt stupid... I was so scared of breaking the band that I didn't realize it popped out of the armband! Hah.

Well anyway. I love this band more than I love most things like it. I've always thought that calories burned calculators online were too low for me- I lose way more weight than I'm supposed to- and this thing confirms my suspicions. It might be too high when I am just sitting down doing nothing but typing, or when I'm overusing my left arm (I'm not ambidextrous but I do use my left arm/hand for a lot of movement-things because my right is steadier), or when I'm in lab and my arms are moving a lot more than my legs, but I don't know. I trust that the four sensors has a way to tell when I'm moving just what I'm moving.

Anyway. Last night, my jaw became really sore as I was eating dinner. It seemed kinda out of the blue. It began to hurt way too much to open my mouth. I couldn't even take my sublingual because of it. I thought, 'oh, this will pass overnight' but I woke up and my jaw was locked even more! I can open my mouth about an inch wide before it hurts, and I can't exactly chew. I called Mom to ask about it- she says it is probably TMJ syndrome because my dad and my older sister both have that and it's similar with the jaw locking. I doubt it's tetanus because I haven't been near any contaminated metals... but it could- emphasis on could- be the sublinguals? It's possible I had a bad batch or something and something bad absorbed into my bloodstream?

All I know is that it makes it hard to eat and am REALLY struggling with the calories because there is nothing I can eat that is healthy... I mean, I can eat healthful soft foods, like cooked whole-grain grain products, or bananas, but anything can be over-consumed and that's not healthy... spending my whole day eating bananas, toast, and milk isn't healthy, even if they are all healthy items.

Anyway, I think I must be dehydrated. First- I feel thirsty. I can't drink very much at a time, but I can tell I have thirst, which to me is a clear sign I need more water! I haven't been able to drink as much now that I've lost my water bottle straw (it's a bottle that requires a straw, and I'm anal and can't drink it without the straw). But also, I stepped on the scale tonight, with my clothes on, and it read... 124.4. With jeans and a sweater on. LOL NO. I must be dehydrated!

Anyway... Today was lab day. I have organic lab in the morning and then I aide for an "essentials" class (it's for non-Chem or Bio majors). Organic is going to be TONS of fun! We get an unknown, then we ID it, and then we form our own synthesis proposal and synthesize our compound. We were in lab for 3 hrs today- about 2 hrs working- and I have a good idea of what it is. The smell of it suggested a ketone right away and the IR confirmed that (or possibly an aldehyde... but trust me, it's a ketone), then the MS showed a parent ion at 100 (meaning it's molecular weight is 100- which with the ketone/aldehyde tells me it is a 6-chain carbon or a derivative there of, so like, a methyl propanone or a dimethyl butanone or a hexanone. Determining which one- well, that's going to be for the tests for next week but with the MP and a couple other tests we did I'm pretty sure it's going to be 3-hexanone. Super easy chemical to work with :P Anyway. Long story short, we are basically SET for this lab.

Essentials is going to be interesting to aide for. I'm aiding with a girl I know. She's in the class a year above me, but we have physics together and we were lab partners last term (group of 3... I seem to always be in a group of 3- the only one allowed in the class). She's a cheerleader and is pretty nice, but we're both mega lazy chemists.

I honestly resonate (I made an ochem pun! If you get it... let me know) a lot more with chemistry than I do bio, but I love medicine, and I love neurology. I would LOVE to do research on the chemical aspects of neurological medicine... Like... drug research? OR YOU KNOW WHAT WOULD BE AMAZING. Ketones in the brain. Like how they are used. They probably already know all of that already though....

Anyway, it's 11:22. I need to shower and go to bed and sleep and try to fill my tummy with something else, so I'm off to bed. Tomorrow Rob has finally agreed to go to the gym since he got his graphics card issues worked out (the computer couldn't get enough power to run the card... so he had to way underclock it... He needs a better tower). I can't wait to test out this BodyMedia band allll day tomorrow!
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