Losing weight after hysterectomy

Thursday, January 17, 2013

I have been struggling with my weight for years now. I would go on a diet and do a lot of walking and lose from walking, but I could never really get my eating under control for very long. I would lose ten or fifteen pounds through mostly exercise to gain it all back because of my cravings for carbs. Growing up I was really a picky eater and would not eat vegetables. Over the years I slowly begin eating more vegetables, or at least making myself try them. I always wanted to like them, but they just did not taste good to me.

After having my hysterectomy I only wanted soup for a couple of weeks, then I begin eating more vegetables. Before, I was lucky to get in five fruit and vegetables in a week. I don't know if it had anything to do with my hysterectomy, with the changing of my hormones, but something definitely changed. I do still occasionally eat chips and salsa when i go out to eat. Before my hysterectomy, I ate something sweet everyday, and now I don't even want it. Maybe it has to do with me not eating as much after surgery, that I got some of the cravings out of my body. Now that I continue to eat more fruits and vegetables and less of all the other stuff, It keeps me from having those cravings for carbs. For once in my life I actually feel like I have this, and have control over what I put in my mouth. To me this is a real accomplishment, especially for someone who at one time didn't even like vegetables. Now It's not all about losing weight, but about what I put into my body, and what I feed my family.
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