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Wow, that was actually fun...

Thursday, January 17, 2013

I have a new room mate since Sunday, someone I have known for a number of years in a professional context and who I do consider a friend, not just an acquaintance. However, I would not consider her even near a bosom chum or a bestie or whatever you want to call it. So, I was a little nervous about her moving in (as my husband is having to move out to go to university), but thankful for the company even if I didn't know her especially well. It's actually been good so far having her here.

What was more surprising was how much fun I had with her at the gym last night, though. This woman is probably 120 lbs soaking wet, very athletic, a total outdoorswoman. Enviable, really, right? The type of woman I want to be again. So, I was kind of nervous about what she would think of me, and then I decided to get over it. I mean, I don't care what anyone else thinks of the 270+ lb woman on the elliptical, so why should I care what my room mate thinks? At least I'm working on myself, right?

Well, it turned out to be a lot of fun. I did the elliptical, she did her stuff, and then we walked our cool-down mile together and chatted. Then, we went and stretched together. It was nice to have a comrade, even one a third of my size. It was nice to have a gym buddy for a change -- I've been doing this alone so long, I thought I preferred that. Most of all, I realized that I work just as hard - and often harder - than the more fit people at the gym, my friend included. :) She said she was watching me on the elliptical and she was impressed by how hard I tackled it. However, for me it was an "off" night because my headphones broke a few minutes in emoticon and I had no "groove" to keep me going. I wussed out after only 21 minutes without any music to push me through.

I also learned that what makes my heart rate jump up to 147 bpm only makes hers go up to 91. emoticon

So, I would actually be happy to have her come with me again. I enjoyed her company (just as I am at home, too) and it was a nice change to have a gym friend. It certainly made the walking cool-down more enjoyable, and we even helped one another stretch. I also realized that she truly does accept me as I am, and that I can count on her to be supportive as I keep chipping away at my weight and trying to improve my health. I think that's probably the best realization of all.
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