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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Yesterday, when I arrived at work, I felt fine. Arrived with my grande White Chocolate Mocha coffee, had a banana, grape protein smoothie prior,and was prepared for benchmark testing...It hit me like a Mack truck. A sharp pain launched itself inside my abdominal area. I hunched over during testing. I tried to play it off, leaned over as if it was nothing.

Fast forward a few hours later... emoticon
I had 3 bowel movements in a 4 hour time span...NOT GOOD!
Talk about light brown, stinky, stick-to-the-toilet...icky!

I explained to a dear, friend & colleague,"It hurts so bad!" with tears emoticon slowly trickling along the side of my cheek. I barely trudged down the hall after leaving my students in the cafeteria. My colleague told me, "That's it, Sonya. You're going to the hospital. Call your husband and I'll tell (insert principal's name)."

Just LOVE her. she's a true "ride or die" chick! I knew I was in good hands from that moment on.

Moments later, I arrived at the hospital. I was finally seen and treated 2 hours later with a CT scan and given morphine prior to manage the pain. I was instructed to eat soft foods, stay hydrated, and rest. So today I remained home, until filling my Rx emoticon
and scheduled an appointment with a reputable GI. Drowsiness is the side effect...NO driving!
My diagnosis (in my opinion)has to do with past small intestinal issues and blockage from a benign grapefruit-sized tumor which had been removed after 6 months of suffering and being mis-diagnosed as having Crohns disease. This was about 11 years ago.
Let's just say I went from a size 12 to a size 2, hardly able to digest Ensure. Yeah, I was in BAD shape.

I planned to be more explicit, but decided to give just enough details so you get the picture without "getting the picture" if you know what I mean...

Keep me in your prayers! I pray also for an immediate, accurate diagnosis.
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