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Shoulder post-op update

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Just as I get myself directed back to Spark People after a very, very rough fall 2012, I have shoulder surgery Jan. 8. Even though I have been home from work for a week now, I did NOT feel like doing anything that required use of my shoulder unless it was necessary. So, no Sparkin' for me this week. emoticon

The good news is, I had my post-op visit to my surgeon today and he said I'm way ahead of where I should be right now regarding healing. emoticon emoticon Not that I can actually raise my right arm above my head like the little emoticon dude, but I will in due time. After a couple months of physical therapy that didn't make significant changes in my level of pain, I had an MRI to see what was going on. When the surgeon looked at it, he said, and I quote, "Sh*t! I'm gonna have to go in there and fix that." OK, so I've never had a medical professional swear in my presence, but you'd have to know this guy to understand. Handsome, 50-something, wears khakis and a polo shirt, probably golfs on the weekends and drives a red foreign-made convertible, was probably a fraternity guy when he was in school here at Miami University (I live in Oxford, Ohio, the home of Miami University). You get the idea. I wasn't offended by his language. I was, however, alarmed that I needed surgery. That possibility wasn't on my radar. He said I had several small things causing the pain.

Great. emoticon At least that can be fixed laparascopically, right? Yep. 3 little incisions that only required 1 or 2 stitches each. Amazing what they can do with technology these days! And I got my stitches out today!

emoticon emoticon Gross medical description ahead! Skip this next paragraph if you don't want to hear about it or don't care to know the gory details!

He had to shave the end of my clavicle because I had a bone spur that was causing bone on bone rubbing. He had to "clean out" some arthritis (didn't know that could be done). And he had to remove some other spurring and bone issues. The fun part was his finding a tear that didn't show up on the MRI. There was a small tear in the bicep and a tear in the supporting tissue around the ball part of the ball and socket of the shoulder. This tear in the supporting tissue caused it to flap over like bending over the side of a pancake and was rubbing my socket. Good news is this was the main source of my pain, so he cut that part off. Great news is I'm expected to make a full recovery to a pain-free way of living again. I was having pain and aches from going grocery shopping, doing laundry, and many other routine daily activities. I've been in significant pain for a year now, so I'm anxious to be pain-free again!

Luckily I was able to schedule the surgery just before hubby started his second semester of college this past Monday, so he was available to take care of everything I needed, which included taking care of our kids. Tomorrow I'm going to a different surgeon for a consult about the polyp found on my gall bladder last month. Hoping I won't need another surgery so soon, but hopeful that yanking that sucker out will stop my abdominal pain. One thing at a time.

Thank you to all my Spark friends who have been sending your prayers and positive thoughts and well wishes. I wasn't able to type on here, but I did read those messages through e-mail notifications, which I read on my "I'm an Android and cheaper than an iPad but not as compatible with the world" tablet. That would be an Asus TF700 for those of you following along at home. emoticon

I will take a moment to ask for those good thoughts and prayers to be extended to my hubby and kids on the death of our 15-year old dog, Spanky, who died in my arms Sunday night. Hubs is taking it especially hard. We dropped Spanky off Monday to be cremated and will get the ashes back in 10-14 days. We are lost without our little monkey, but we will eventually adopt another little rogue as a companion for our other rescue mutt, Pogo. emoticon I'll post a picture or two of the fur babies in my gallery. Swing by and take a look. emoticon

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    My gosh how good it's going to be for you to be pain free! I figure that doc can swear up a blue streak if he relieves your pain and gives you back functionality and peace of mind!
    Again, my condolences on Spanky. I'm crying here at work and I never had the pleasure of meeting the lil kid. I bet everyone is feeling his loss distinctly, Pogo included. May that pain heal as well and leave only the wonderful memories behind.
    emoticon for you all.

    As for the Fitbit, I can't say enough good things! I had the BodyBugg before, but this is great because it's far more discreet, clipped to my bra rather than strapped around my flabby upper arm! I'm finding a trend in my sleeping pattern during the week that I didn't know about until now and may be able to fix it for better rest. It's motivating the see the steps added up during the day, and knowing you just need ~a~few~more~steps~ to reach that goal.
    I think you're going to love it!
    1316 days ago
  • v GINA180847
    I hate having pain, you seem to be coping well with it.
    1316 days ago
    So glad you are feeling better. Can't wait till you can raise those arms pain free! emoticon emoticon
    1316 days ago
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