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A Day In The Life of My Facebook Timeline (RANT)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

As many of you know, I'm on Facebook a lot. I enjoy staying up to date with my kids and grandkids (yes...my grandson has his own Facebook page, monitored by his parents), I follow a bunch of people like George Takei (funny and witty posts!), Cathy Thorne (I post some of her cartoons here), Felicia Day and Sandeep Parikh (from The Guild web series), I follow places and other things like the Hale Koa Resort in Hawaii, various eating places, hobbies, racing pages, etc. I also follow a bunch of friends. Friends that I don't always see eye to eye on about some things. And while for the most part we agree to disagree about most things, lately (today included), some them seem to have lost sense of reason. Like......

The Sandy Hook Conspiracy posts. Where seemly sane people post and re-post the absurd idea that the horrific shooting in Connecticut was carried out by Pres Obama and the US government so that the Pres cold "take away" our guns. Really people?? How the hell do you think seeing this garbage is making the families of all those kids that were lost feel? How would YOU feel to be on the receiving end of this BS? I DO NOT believe for even a nano second that our government would do something like this. I find you re-posting of this BS to be offensive. emoticon

Next up....The Pres announced gun policy today. Does it make you feel macho to beat your chest and shout about pulling your gun from your cold, lifeless fingers or calling for an armed upraising in this country on Facebook? Do you really feel the need to yell and scream about the Pres kids having armed protection? People...the Pres family has ALWAYS had that! From what I have seen of what was announced today the majority of people with guns won't be affected by this. What it does do is address the issues of semi automatic and automatic assault guns that fire massive amounts of rounds is a very short time...like AK-47s, Bushmaster, etc. It also addresses the extend clip issue, gun background checks, and gun registration. The gov is NOT coming to take your handgun, hunting rifle, etc. But we have to do something to stem the flow of killings in this country. We have a gun at home. We passed the background check, it is registered, and we DO NOT have (nor do we need) an extended clip for it. We have it in case of a break in while we're home and I don't expect to see anyone show up to take our gun. emoticon

But you know what irks me the most? It's the how people on Facebook talk about and blame EVERYTHING on Pres Obama. If you believe these people everything from the cold weather to UFO's are his fault. He's just one man trying to do a job. They forget it's not him that makes most laws. It's the Sen and House. And they can't seem to get anything done for the people that elected them. You know those people...it's the people of "WE THE PEOPLE...". emoticon

So what am I going to do about these people on my Facebook page? I've found it's a waste of my time to try and reason with them, I dislike unfriending them. Some of them I know personally. But as they get more out there...deeper into totally insane conspiracy theories, the more I hide their posts. It's almost to the point where I may have to drop them from my Facebook friends. I do admit to posting some political stuff on my page, but I don't post or re-post this kind of stuff and I don't engage in arguing with anyone that doesn't agree with me (well...I did once..the person and I decide to agree to disagree..but we're still friends!) . In fact most of my posts are of the funny kind (cat memes anyone?)
And no...I enjoy my Facebook, so I won't be deleting my Facebook page. I have so many other friends there. I have found some great sites though Facebook...good music, recipes, books, movies, etc. I guess I just needed a place to rant a bit.


OK...eating today has been not too bad. We had a buffet lunch to say good-bye to two of our co-workers. I tried really hard to NOT over eat and came back to work filling full but not overly full. I logged as well as I could and I'm moving on. I don't have any calories left (or not a lot) for dinner. So if I do get a little hungry I'll grab a Greek Yogurt or have a salad tonight. Of course I missed my workout today. And yesterday I had to clean out my gym locker due to the cleaning crew doing a top to bottom gym/locker clean up tonight.

Oh..if you are on Facebook and want to be my friend...you can find me here (mention you're from Spark emoticon ):


OK that's my Wed...how was yours? Two images today. One is from my Facebook Timeline. Can you guess which one? emoticon

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    I've seen a lot of the same thing on my page, and I just scroll past it. Facebook is often just an outlet for people to word vomit their incomplete, knee-jerk reactions to things. I rather hate the site, but I stay on just to see pictures of my cousins and friends families who live far away, so I try to just focus on the things I want to read. Rather like a newspaper, just read the sections that interest you, and metaphorically speaking, line the birdcage with the rest of it.
    1887 days ago
  • 123ELAINE456
    No one need Friends like that. Life is to short. Try to be around Positive Upbeart People for Good Mental Health. God Bless You and DH. Have a Super Terrific Day. Take Care.
    1888 days ago
    I agree. I'd unfriend them, too. It's not good for your mental health to get all engaged and wound up with people you're just fighting with. It's the expression of free speech that's supposed to be cathartic -- being able to say what you want to say -- not constantly engaging in verbal WWIII. Do yourself a favor and let 'em go. Just my opinion. Good for you in doing well at the buffet, btw. Arn and I LOVED the Life of Pie pix!!! Very clever! Hugs, Calen~
    1888 days ago
    your preaching to the choir about conspirator theories. I just unfriend them.
    1888 days ago
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