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3 weeks Physical Therapy for left shoulder

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Today's PT evaluation showed improvement in both flexibility emoticon emoticon and strength!

I have been shown about 10 exercises for my shoulder. Each day I do some of them. I was told stretch to discomfort=== but pain should stop before 10 minutes is up.

The 2 hardest exercises are putting my left arm straight up and also putting the left arm behind my back. Both ouchies!!!

I can lay in bed and do a few of the exercises with a stick.
--Bend arms at the elbows and rotate the stick over my head.
--And (lying down) put my arms straight up in the air and then moving them both to above my head so the stick is on the bed.

If I lay on my right side and bend at the elbow I can use a 1 or 2 lb. weight to rotate the arm upward/outward and back to my body.

Sitting in a chair near a wall, using a pulley, I pull the arm straight up a little past pain.

Standing I use the pulley to pull my hand and arm behind my back toward the midline. I can't make the hand go upward behind me--yet. emoticon At home, I use a long scarf at my waist to do this.

Stand with my butt facing a bar or counter about waist high and hands on the bar or counter. Bend my knees so the elbows bend. I can now do this. At first I couldn't. emoticon

I guess I have not been using my left arm. I did not realize that! I am now using it daily but gingerly. Removing clothes from the washer and putting them in the dryer has been a start.

I just made appointments for 3 more weeks of therapy. emoticon

Now, remember, I have been doing water aerobics for years. In the water we use the shoulder lots of ways. I can't believe I let this arm get so bad. Well- I do know how! I let it go because of caregiving and the other responsibilities in my life. Now, being 1 year not teaching, I am getting around to my own physical therapy and mammograms and a colonoscopy and..and....

After retiring last year Nov. I did do 2 stretches of physical therapy (Nov, Dec, and then Feb.March) for my leg pain and for both shoulders. But this left shoulder pain came back. emoticon

The leg pain and some of the shoulder was from the statin drug I took for cholesterol! Everything improved when I stopped the statin drug!


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