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Maintenance vs. Transition to Maintenance

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

So my ticker shows that I've been in maintenance 5 weeks, and it has been 5 weeks since I first crossed into what I will consider the top of my maintenance range. And since then I have been transitioning.

When I was in weight loss mode, I ate/worked out to lose about a pound a week. That is, I added up average adjusted BMR, fitness calories and nursing for a day and subtracted 500. This was simplified somewhat by using the fitbit numbers, which replaced the BMR and fitness calories. I found I still had to add in the nursing calories, since the fitbit food log is a bit quirky.

So in transitioning to maintenance, I have been basically eating the fitbit calories most days (so calories that go into nursing formed my deficit) and then I had two calorie cycling days where I would eat up to my total daily average... or maybe a little more. The odd thing is, I continued to lose, 4.5 pounds in 5 weeks.

As I mentioned in my body composition blog a couple days ago, it is disconcerting that as long as I am losing weight, I am losing some lean tissue, so I really want to be in maintenance at this point, and work on gaining muscle. So I'm making the bold move of eating as much as I am burning, as best I can calculate (I always calculate using a week's data, not day to day).

I will still be calorie cycling. I'll have 3 minus days a week, 3 plus days, and one extra plus day (Sunday). I'll work my pullup on every plus day, and alternate between pushups and core as well on the plus days. And I'll stick with the 7000 steps a day target. And well see if I can grow back into these large shirts. emoticon

P.S. I was thinking this over last night, and I guess it makes more sense to have 4 minus days in blocks of two. So one of my pullup workouts will be on a minus day, but that will be a practice pullup (legs assisting) so it's more like calisthenics than weight training.
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