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How I Lost 4 Pounds in a Week

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

emoticon I'm a slow loser... half a pound a week or less, usually, if I'm doing everything "right". I've been know to lose more, but not often, especially as I got closer to goal weight.

Well, last week I wasn't anywhere NEAR goal weight! After spending 2 weeks taking care of my parents, who eat out almost every day and eat restaurant leftovers on the days they DON'T eat out, I came home to find my weight had crept up to the highest it's been since 2011, despite my daily 30-minute walks. Yikes! emoticon

I can't blame it ALL on my parents -- I had been slowly gaining weight for months, and rationalizing those pounds away as they continued to take up residence around my middle. But, those last 2 weeks definitely put me over the edge and well into the emoticon zone.

With the BLC-21 starting up in a week, it was time to take Serious Action.

So, how did I lose 4 pounds in a week? Get this:

Diet and Exercise.

I know, I know... you probably clicked on this blog in hopes of learning about some new Miracle Weight-Loss Miracle.

Sorry to disappoint. emoticon

But, the fact of the matter is, I shed those 4 pounds by:
a) tracking my food and water each day
b) making sure it was the RIGHT food
c) making sure it wasn't too MUCH food

d) tracking my exercise each day
e) making sure it was the RIGHT exercise
f) making sure it wasn't too MUCH exercise

Okay, the first part of the equation is probably easy enough for you to follow: I put everything into my nutrition tracker (and, I DO mean EVERYthing!), focused on eating whole, natural foods including lots of freggies, and made sure I stayed within my macro ranges.

As for that second part, well, that might require a little explanation.

I have discovered what I call the Fallacy of the Fitbit.

Don't get me wrong -- I LOVE my Fitbit! (Go see my blog entry," The Plan", for more on that topic (

BUT... the gang at SparkPeople teamed up with the gang at Fitbit and provided us Sparkers with this nifty little thing called "syncing your Fitbit with your Fitness Tracker". Sounds great, right?

BUT... that little Fitbit tracks ALL of your exercise, including every trip you make to the refrigerator! When you sync your Fitbit with your tracker, you get wonderful little congratulatory emails telling you that you're kicking butt with your fitness minutes.

Only, you're not...not really.

But, you might TELL yourself you are...and that, combined with your failure to continue tracking your nutrition, is how you wind up going from this: emoticon to THIS: emoticon.

So, I stopped syncing my Fitbit, and went back to logging in my ACTUAL fitness minutes.

That addresses (d), tracking my exercise.

As for (e) and (f), those have to do with my back issues. Once I had healed from an emergency back surgery in 2011, I was all too eager to start lifting heavier and heavier weights, and doing more and more intense cardio. As a result, I kept suffering setbacks because the back pain would flare up again. It became a really handy excuse for not working out like I should, and contributed to my ever-upward-creeping weight.

And so, I decided this past week to go back to doing the things that helped me to lose 25 pounds after my surgery: walking (not running, or even wogging!) and lifting LIGHT weights (5-15 lbs) using a stability ball to support my back (SP has some great demos of these types of exercises!). emoticon

As a result, I am down a little over 4 pounds this week, and am injury-free. Well, almost...I did kind of forget about (f), and perhaps did a little too MUCH exercise, but only enough to get a little bit of an ache in my back. In fact, I think I can safely blame that on vacuuming and mopping floors rather than on my workouts.

I'm sure that a couple of the pounds I lost this week were water retention pounds from all the eating out and the travel. But, I will still claim my 4-pound loss in a week as a victory, and as motivation to continue tracking my "real" fitness minutes and nutrition.

And by the end of the BLC-21, I'm going to look like emoticon again! emoticon
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