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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Back at work after 2 days off. The roads were ridiculous. It was quite warm (in the 40s) and rainy the whole weekend and then it went below freezing and into the single digits. The city didn't even try to plow my area until Tuesday afternoon and then they only went over it once so it's still mostly a giant lake of ice. It was at least good enough that I could go to class last night and get to work this morning.

Game plan today:
Class (math orientation on campus)
Perhaps declutter 15 min
Definitely manage animals (cages clean/dog chain untangle)
Recycling and trash out as needed

Filing class is driving me crazy. I am getting high marks on the quizzes but managing to get scores that are absolute crap on the assignments. How? I have no idea. They mark up the graded document so you can in theory correct the errors for the next assignment but there are so many arrows and notations for right and wrong answers that you can't even tell what points where and I get a headache just trying to decipher it.

Math class starts up tonight and so I have that to work on soon. I was late to German last night and I am not as up to par as I had hoped to be but I was more prepared than some so I will work on it but I don't feel too badly about it. Windows first due date is March 5th so I'll not do that one quite yet. Business documents I will start work on this weekend probably but I have about 10 days to get the first few lessons done. Psychology's online text would not open for me. it said I am registered but that I don't have access (for which I spent 115$) so the TA has requested a new access code for me so I can access the course... Hopefully with enough time to get the first assignment done by next week when it is due.

Even with my desire to not come in to work, my frustration with class, and my anger at having to do the clean up with C spilled my coconut oil all over the floor, fridge, cabinets, drawers. microwave, etc... D says since cutting out the drama by way of severing ties with people, primarily his mother, sister (1 of them) and brother that he has never seen me happier or more stress free. He has mostly cut ties with those same people but at a different time and for a different though similar reason than me. His cutting them off was after different conversations or issues than I had had but in the end we both decided that we weren't being walked on, used, lied to, etc anymore... Drama be gone.


This last weekend I sent a message to the sister's husband asking for the weights I lent them a year and a half ago to be dropped off. The sister called up D and threw a fit telling him I was not to message her husband and she'd bring us our crap when she got to it, blah blah blah. Yeah I asked for them verbally about a year ago, by fb message June 8th... both times she told me she'd drop them off. We had asked the mother to bring them because she is over there babysitting all of the time and lives 2 blocks away from us, she said she'd do it... Here it is January and no weights. The fit about how inconvenient it is to drop them off and how I am not to contact her husband and how I had been a child to delete her on FB ticked me off.

I had not been rude, I had simply asked for my 500$ weight set back. So I messaged her on FB and told her that 1- It is not childish to remove someone that was forewarned I was not tolerating BS anymore, 2- It is theft to not return someone's property to them (can you tell I was angry), 3 - she has a deadline on this coming Monday, 4 - My husband does not make me or even try to make me do anything so she needs to quit complaining to him every time she doesn't like something I say or do especially if it doesn't have anything to do with her and that I knew it wasn't the first time she had done so... We went back and forth with her trying to claim she was too busy (really?she's been to our house several times since I asked for them back and couldn't be bothered because it was inconvenient... get real. I also pointed out that I work full time, take 6 classes, take care of my family, 4 chinchillas, a rabbit, a dog, and my home. Said she can tell me how busy she is when she does all that by bus. She only works a 40 hour week and has a 2 car household... Though she will never do all that anyway because it wasn't convenient to go to school so she dropped out and didn't even get a GED). She also refused to answer when I questioned her claims that I am always rude and negative with no reason (she couldn't cite a single time so she avoided the question), that I mooch off of her mother for the past 7 years (even though she has 'borrowed' and not repaid thousands of dollars so there was food in her house and she could make bills... all I asked her for in these 7 years? A ride home from the grocery store - where I bought food for both houses- and on the rare occasion that I missed a late bus home from campus, a ride home) She told me it wasn't theft to borrow legally and have not returned them so I quoted her the part of the statute that says 'deprive another of their property' and in the end I re-gave her that same deadline, told her it was not a threat to charge her with theft it was a promise, made her aware I noticed that she ignored all of my questioning of her claims, and then I blocked her.

After 2 days, she contacted D and said she'd be bringing them by this Saturday if she can and Sunday if she doesn't make it Saturday so we'll see. At least it seems she is taking me seriously now. D's theory is that she needs to learn the theory of relativity. Negative repels negative so I become negative to repel her since she is always negative and self centered... or as he used to call it, more abrasive than a Brillo pad. Though I do not consider it rude or negative to, after several times of speaking in a normal tone while sitting, get up and yell at the top of my lungs when people intentionally talk over me when I am speaking in my own house to my children, nor do I find it rude and negative to get pissed off when I give specific instructions related to the children and get ignored or blatantly disobeyed and then refuse to let those people have unsupervised access to the children... Eh, Whatever. D and I both decided that if they have an issue, it is not our problem... Or as my coworker says "that sounds like a you problem, not a me problem"

Another coworker says she practices B**chology: the art of pissing people off by telling the truth... maybe that's my problem.


So soon I can do weights, hoopdance, and dance central on various days, and maybe even use D's tower by Jake to put a little diversity into my winter workouts.

D is trying to lose weight and get in shape to jog with me this summer, J is working on getting the money to be able to afford to do it, M1 might be working so we'll see, M2 also might be working, M3 will be out of state, M4 didn't answer me... might have to harass him this spring about it, V said maybe - if she isn't working and can afford it, etc... We will see, if all else fails though I will train with the dog and jog the 8k by myself with my headphones in.

I also may fit in some gym time at campus on T and TH when I have class... class gets out by 740 and my bus is at 8:10 a half hour to get to, use, and get out of the gym. If I change for the gym before class it means I could be on the treadmill for about 20 minutes, or for that matter another piece of equipment. I do need to make copies of some things though in the LRC so I can use the 6th edition book and still do 7th edition homework though so we'll see how that goes and if I have time... Might try to make copies of all needed pages at the same time rather than multiple days or as needed. We'll see.

Sigh, long day already... But it's humpday and I am trying to turn my frown upside down...
Have a great day and thanks for stopping by to read this novel of a post!
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