Gluten-free Diet Reduces Adiposity, Inflammation & Insulin Resistance

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Here is the PubMed abstract of the above rat study in The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry:

I am hearing more and more about gluten free benefits. I am intrigued. The way "Wheat Belly" is described, would be an accurate description of mine. There are some significant issues with the wheat belly book, such as: magnesium deficiency can describe almost all the symptoms in the book. Duh! Wake up. So I keep researching all sides.

Initially I fully rejected (for myself only) bans and negative press against grains, since I am not celiac and since the Bible is specific about us eating grains and seeds.

However, since coming to SparkPeoople I have learned about bromides (poison) added to flour, which block iodine uptake receptors in the thyroid gland, thereby contributing to or causing hypothyroidism.

And then there are the bleached flours, which cause diabetes. You've probably heard that bleached flour is bad to only buy unbleached instead, and that white bread is bad to only buy wheat instead. Well, that's all about alloxan. Alloxan is found in large quantities in bleached flour products and white bread products. Alloxan is deliberately added to bread (a by product of bleaching). Why? To make the flour white and "beautiful".


alloxan /al¡¤lox¡¤an/ (ah-lok¢¥san) [əlok¡Çsan] an oxidized product of uric acid which destroys beta cells of the islets of Langerhans in the pancreas. Alloxan is found in the human intestine in diarrhea. Alloxan has been used to produce diabetes in experimental studies of diabetes mellitus. Alloxan produces diabetes in experimental animals by destroying the insulin-secreting islet cells of the pancreas.

More on alloxan, which is also a known toxin, and how to help yourself if you already have diabetes:

It's amazing to me they intentionally add known toxins such as alloxan and bromides, to bread. Like everything else, it's almost required that you make your own bread and stop buying processed foods - including bread.

What about the Bible? Well obviously, in those days they weren't adding alloxan and bromides, number one. There is also evidence that grains in those days were partially sprouted, and contained 5% gluten. But due to hybridization and man's messing with it, modern grains today are 50% gluten. This makes sense to me, why so many people are suddenly having so many problems with gluten.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    It makes me sad that our foods have become so full of questionable things. But even if you make your own bread, how can you ensure that the wheat is not GMO. Organic would just be prohibitive for price. It is a real balancing act.
    1855 days ago
    you are so right manufacturers add so much poison to our food
    1858 days ago
    They have screwed up the seeds that it is no wonder so many people get sick and diseased from eating the foods that those companies try to play God with
    1858 days ago
    I'm one of the people who has problems with wheat and gluten. I have cut back on it a lot and feel better when I do.
    1859 days ago
    We went gluten free because my husand heard it reduced arthritis pain. It works for him. Like everything else though, you have to try it for yourself and doesn't work for everyone. Thank you for the added information.
    1859 days ago
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