Small Victories

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Last night, I weighed in for my TOPS Club, and found that I have now lost 40 pounds! That's since September!
In reaching that milestone, I started pondering my "small victories" since then. The first one I really noticed, is that I can vacuum the living room and hallway in one session, without having to sit and rest a couple of times. When I take hubby to the VA hospital, there is an 80 ft ramp from the 4th floor of the parking garage down to the entrance of the hospital, and then a smaller 20 ft ramp up to the lobby. In September, going down the first ramp was not a problem. Hurt a bit, but I could do it. Up the second one, I'd be a bit out of breath. Put that in reverse to go home, and I'd have to stop 3 times going up the one to the garage. Now? I not only can walk up both without stopping, but I can do that pushing my 200 lb hubby in his wheelchair! Where I was hardly able to fasten my seatbelt (with extension) over my belly wearing a thin sweater, I can now fasten it while I'm wearing my winter coat!
There are other small victories, but I would have to type all day! But the best thing, is this morning when I reached for a pair of panties out of my drawer and put them on....and they fell almost off my butt! That just really made my day!
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