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Donuts = Road Rage

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I would like to first state that I did not buy these donuts, I was merely the transportation for them to get to the office (I’ve tried to get them to go for healthier options… not gonna happen)

This morning I was astounded to find that the sugary smell of donuts that I had never really noticed before, never really noticed the way it filled my car or tickled my nose, the smell of the OMG UNHEALTHY sickly sweet treats I used to eat 2 or 3 of without a second thought… I was astounded to find it pissed me right the hell off.
It disgusted me
It even made me a little sick to my stomach

I realized it was causing an issue as I was driving and EVERTHING made me angry.
The guy that swerved in traffic
The lady going to slow
The people who slowed to a near stop to turn
The list goes on…

I actually had to take some deep calming breaths to get out of my rage addled state of mind, it was kind of crazy.
Now, I have to wonder what the hell? How can the SMELL of something affect me like that, to that degree? What is it about the sugary smell that made me so angry? Is it because I miss it? (I doubt it) Was it just THAT annoying for my car to smell like that?

Maybe it’s because I live such a healthy life now that the reminder of what I used to do to myself, habits I used to have, made me look back. I hate looking back, there is a lot of bad back there.
I don't know
I really can’t pin-point it.

I can however say that from now on the guys in my office can get their own d@mn donuts!
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