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Starting (see blog about goals, 1/15)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Yesterday I posted a blog of a long-term and shorter-term goals (on Tuesday Janurary 15th--"New And Focused Goals"). Today I'm making myself begin.

I didn't want to get outside and walk today--before noon. I'm not a morning person.

But the point of the walk every morning for 5-10 minutes is about re-setting my body rythms, it's about attitude and motivation. Five to ten minutes is not a big commitment. I'm disabled with PTSD and then other physical ailments, but no disabilities that would usually (except arthritis) keep me from walking.

What has been happening is a "Morning Fail Routine", cycling around my synthroid. Since I had my thyroid ablated, I've had to take a replacement (synthetic) drug for my body to work, for there to be a replacement of thyroid function--metabolism.

The drug needs to be taken first thing upon waking, and then no food for about an hour.

I've always struggled with the whole waking-up....process, oh, it's a process. So, with disability, I've unfortunately allowed myself to hear the alarm, take the pill, and then fall back asleep.

The morning walk is looking to change that pattern into: function throughout the day with healthy breaks; "open" the new day like a gift, taking some time to look at nature, observe the weather, take in the quiet (or noise), and ...I guess... ground (?) myself for the day.

Today I started.

We have about 3" of snow here, so I shoveled the light fluffy stuff. I listened to the snow-sounds, especially my shoes crunching it down in the path. I was aware of my breathing, and aware of the sights, smells, sounds around me. After brief shoveling, I did the short walk down my road and back inside.

I've had a 1/2 a Vega-maca bar (it's cocoa with maca powder--super energy). And I've had an ugli-fruit freshly juiced and combined with seltzer (thanks to Dr. Oz for that idea).

I typically don't eat enough, and I'm low on iron and vitamins B & D. It's easy to give in to my fatigue, given my lack of schedule, sans multiple doctor appointments. I'd give in and go back to bed now, ESPECIALLY given that there are unpleasant things to do on my list (schedule more doctor appointments, take care of important paperwork...).

It's time to have more food, and find a way to intersperse the "ugly tasks" with joy-based activities.

And it's time to be proud that I SHOWED UP on day one. Starting is a big deal.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Thank you Marjorie~!

    It does kind of make my day a bit to have bits of encouragement emoticon

    There have been times I wonder aloud (during the winter of course), "WHY do we live in the northeast??" ....but... if someday I could get a vacation to a warm and sunny place with a beach (aaaaaaaaaaahhhh), that would fill me up for dealing with the less light with summer. Overall, I do like having 4 full seasons and the fun of snow (just not ice). And my younger guy LOVES snow emoticon .

    OKay...well...as things worked out, tonight's school-event was rescheduled, and so...I can go hiking in the park, in the snow. It's beginning to be something I really look forward to now emoticon

    Glad you're getting the steps in, and that the Wii Fit Step is helpful!

    Thanks again for stopping by and for your encouragement!
    1795 days ago
    I hope it's not too bad (weather-wise for you). My middle child would love to be where you are right now because we don't get snow or it is so very rare. She has complained quite a bit this year about why do we have to live here where it doesn't snow. I've been doing well with my goal too. I make myself walk (using my Wii Fit Step) nightly for an hour to an hour and a half. I am striving to get in 15,000 steps a day. I have been very successful over the past week or so.

    Good luck on your goals too.
    1795 days ago
    We have a long and shared driveway and someone comes to plow. So... we only have to shovel the deck and around the cars. It's light and fluffy, so it wasn't much exercise. I need to make a decision on what exercise (aerobic) to do today....

    THANKS FOR SHARING with me emoticon emoticon
    1795 days ago
    About three inches here too. I have a very large driveway so it took me about an hour and half to shovel. Snow shoveling is good exercise. emoticon
    1795 days ago
    I've felt thirsty already this morning, so: keep at the already in-there morning routine of starting a pot of 'very-watered-down herbal tea'.

    Having my
    Banana-strawberry-orange juice-hemp seed smoothie. Usually it has some kale in it, but we ran out. Sometimes it has blueberries too, but that's gone too. Time to food shop! All the fruits are gone!
    1795 days ago
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