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January and back on the horse

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Well I have so many ups and downs sometimes it is unreal. I mean - said I was shooting for 3-30 minute cardio sessions a week for Januray and I am working at it .. getting in the gym and trying to mentally change the way I think -
Does anyone ever feel like - yeah you are doing it but you are never going to reach the 100 lbs you want to lose at a little 30 minute workout 3 times a week? I feel good at 30 minutes and know I can go further - but I also know I don't have alot of time - and I am trying to use my workout time to say .. at 30 minutes several times a week - you can feel better and lose weight - you may never be perfect - you can feel better. Funny thing - even though you feel better - your mind is a terrible thing to let derail you! And yet somehow it does, well at least it tries! I am doing my strength training at work every other day .. and I am going to do cardio 3 times a week for 30 minutes because I can .. no other reason! TOM has paid its visit early this month so I feel blotted and arrgg .. but I still did it. Why is it so hard to feel the victories? I mean after I did my 30 minutes I decided I had been wanting to try Jacob's ladder -- you know you see it on 'Biggest Loser' all the time and I wanted to get on it and feel the burn .. well I decided end of your workout isn't the time to do it .. and I would like to try to get to 5 minutes on the thing .. I was huffing it after 1 minute .. but I still am going to get back on that blasted thing .. and do what I can .. push myself out of my comfort zone and do it .. try something new .. maybe hard .. but you can still do it and burn, right?

My husband and I are also trying a new financial plan - and it is really stressful. I mean .. we get by and work hard, but we can never save any money .. Imagine that - 3 kids under 12 and I wonder why? No, not really - I know why ... I can sum it up in one word - FOOD! So this month, was all about paying everything current, and then next month - pulling out so much money every check and putting where we can't just 'borrow' it when we want something. So anyway, after a very expensive December - we didn't charge anything so we paid for everything the kids received for Christmas.. We are now changing life in a way that we can actually enjoy life if we are successful. I know we can do it .. question is .. can we stick to the plan?

Life is just that I keep on telling myself. We all face challenges and hardships and find one thing or another difficult. I know that I have to find a way to beat my mind at its own game. I also know that food is not the enemy - but eating dinner out 3 times a week is .. all because we are tired. We have been starting to stock pile when things are on sale and we have coupons .. and if you could see the amount of yogurts or granola bars in my house you would understand. Funny thing is .. we are eating them everyday and now we have healthy snacks on the go .. on the way to practice or in the morning for breakfast ( I hate to eat in the morning .. I am just not hungry and I have to change my mind on that). I am starting to realize that it is never going to be easy and when I leave the gym I feel good, and I sleep better. Those are all great benefits of health. I would love to spend hours in the gym .. my life will not let me do that .. 3 kids and a demanding job and softball schedule dictate that I find ways to add it in my day all day .. and if I can do that .. I may never be perfect - but it will always be enough!

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    emoticon First - I can't look at the BIG goals without getting overwhelmed. If I had started with "I need to loose 250#" I would have never started. But starting with "I'm going to lose 50#" and then "Wow! I did that! I am going to lose 50 more".... etc. No here I am with 183# gone, and the 70ish pounds I have left actually look doable.

    Second - YES, 3 30 minute work outs a week help. Everything positive helps. You do what you can, and you build on it. A year ago, I was so frustrated that I had gained back over 70# of what I'd lost! And my start was in the McDonalds drive through. I ordered a breakfast sandwich WITHOUT hashbrowns. I still ate a nutritionally-deficient, high-fat sandwich. But it was better than the day before. And I built on it! That was 73# ago.

    1861 days ago
    I hear ya, on all counts. I'm trying to change my mindset so that I'm not on a diet and instead just living healthier all around, making better food choices, and being more active in general. But it is discouraging when you don't see much of a change on the scale. We have problems saving money too, it seems like every time we do get a little extra cash, something disastrous happens. You might look into getting a crock pot and crock pot cookbook if you don't already have one to help with those nights when you know you will be too tired or busy to cook, or try doubling what you cook for a meal when you do cook, and freezing it, then thawing that to eat instead of eating out on a night when you're too tired to actually cook. I love the steam-in-bag veggies, they're a good super-quick and easy side dish to go along with a quick meal. Good luck!

    1861 days ago
    Yes, yes, 1000 times yes! I have been there. Finding whatever time I could to squeeze in a 30 minute workout. Here's what you need to keep telling yourself, even if you don't always believe it - even if the lbs aren't melting off, you are creating a habit. Consistency is the key to weight loss and lifestyle change. As it gets easier to get to the gym because it's part of your routine, then maybe you can see if you can add some more time or a 2nd workout in the day. Although you might not always SEE the effects, you will FEEL the effects.

    Saving is hard with sports schedules. Especially during baseball season, we end up eating out more. When you've been at a tournament all day and it's 9pm, you don't want to drive an hour to get home, cook a meal, and then eat. And you might have prepared something the night before, if you hadn't been at the baseball field last night too. So the best thing you can do is plan ahead when you can. When you do eat out, try to set a budget (give everyone in the family a dollar amount they can spend, including their beverage). Order smart and watch your portions. If you need to, ask for a to go box as soon as your meal comes and put half in the box right away. You can do this!!!
    1861 days ago
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