BLC 21 - 12 Week Plan

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A little late due to computer issues but I finally got my chance with an early wake up.

Goals: Lose 8 lbs (.75lb/week)
Plan -
1. Stop eating after 8pm, no last snacks
2. Instead of striving for perfection on the weekends and failing, learn to moderate
3. Take stairs and do fit bolt at least 5x a day
4. 30/30/30 Fat Carb Protein
5. Walk 6,000 steps a day.
6. 3-4 Freggies a Day
7. Equal Water to Diet Soda Consumption instead of less.

Goal: Recover from full Right Side injury after over a year (foot, ankle, hip, calf)
1. Wear my orthotics as much as possible (thank you Uggs)
2. Take all medications (including NSAIDs & Pain)
3. Complete all physical therapy
4. Do all Stretches & home exercises

Rewards: (can you tell I go through books quickly?)
1. 4 new VS Underwear
2. Book
3. Vosges Truffle
4. Book
5. Long Bath with Bath Bomb from Lush
6. Out to a Movie
7. Vosges Truffle
8. Book
9. Long Bath with Bath Bomb from Lush
10. Vosges Truffle
11. Book
12. Out to a Movie

All Weeks: New Uggs!!
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