The Gift

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I had a very unexpected and unbelievable surprise this past week. Two friends, who I am sure would prefer to remain anonymous, gave me an Amazon gift card and made me promise to spend it only on myself. It wasn’t for Christmas, or my birthday. It was just because. I have to tell you I was speechless. The value of the gift went far beyond the generous amount and the kind note that came with it. The unexpected benefit was that it made me sit down and think about what I wanted. Do you know what I discovered? We always have a wishlist of tools for my husband. (Tim the Toolman has got nothing on my honey only Pat skilfully uses the tools!) There are several items I would like to get for my boys. (Anyone out there have a kid that doesn’t come with a foot-long invisible shopping list?) When it came down to it, I honestly couldn’t think of one thing that I wanted other than a magical home that always stays clean, but I couldn’t find that on Amazon. Yes - I am blessed and contented.
I started to pay attention during my daily routine to see if there was anything that would be nice to have. I realized I needed a water-proof bag to bring my wet things home from the pool when the plastic grocery bag I was using got a hole and the floor board of my car turned into a swimming pool for ants. When I was shopping the next day, I noticed some kids checking out a dance game on the Wii. I had a Time Warp moment and flashed back to when I danced to the oldies every evening. (I will never be able to listen to Big Girl’s Don’t Cry without hearing Richard’s voice!) You guessed it. My new Just Dance 4 came today. I am going to melt the fat away with my new hot Moves like Jagger. (Don’t worry – that isn’t seismic activity you’re feeling; It’s me dancing.)
I love my new bag and game, but what my friends’ loving gift gave me was the realization that what I really want for myself is to continue with this journey to increase my health and fitness. Thank you my friends! Your gift was priceless.
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