Tuesdays.. Always a little chaotic. (pics)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday is always a busy day in the Stultz household. Between getting kids off to school, cleaning, and the other activities, Tuesday can be a make it or break it day.

Today I got up and got Exandria ready and off to school (luckily Jeremy got up and got Levi ready but Ex starts getting ready around 10:30.) After Jeremy left to take her to school and head to work, I took off on a walk. 1.1 miles today. Once I got home, I got everything ready that we needed for the rest of the day, ate some lunch, and then headed to Elk Point. Picked up the kids and then got Levi ready for Tae Kwon Do. After I dropped him off (usually I stay with him) I went to visit with my sister-in-law while we cooked some supper, ate some food and then picked up Levi, let Levi eat while I got Exandria ready for her "Holiday Concert," and then headed to her concert. She was quite the little lady in her dress. I think my little girl is beautiful.. although I may be a little biased.

Her concert was really cute. I like how they don't sing original songs. They did sing Jingle Bells.. and We wish you a happy new year.. but other than that they sang I'm a little snowman, I am a Pizza, and some cute airplane song. And before the concert they got to do little activities. There was play dough, healthy snacks, a paper activity making mittens or snowflakes that are multi colored using confetti type paper, and another activity that was door hangers with foam letters and shapes. Loved it!
Ex is in the black and red dress. Her best friend Cici is in the pink shirt with a bow on it.. and the older girl is Cici's sister and was helping Exandria with her projects. I didn't get pictures of them singing because I was busy getting videos. :)

Levi and Exandria making door hangers.. My mom is in the background holding my niece Brielle (who is my sister-in-laws daughter.)

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