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Calories and Fat Grams, Oh My!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

So I looked up recently to find out how many fat grams I should be taking in on a daily basis to lose weight the right way. Saw a couple different things. One said under 60, one said under 50. One said Take your age, multiply it by the number of full moons in your birthday month and subtract the first number on your license plate. Okay, I might have changed that one a bit, but there was definitely math involved.

I worked for a bit as a life coach a few years back and there was a food program. What we found was that if people ate less than 25 grams of fat per day, they stopped losing weight. Okay, so note to self, eat more than 25 grams of fat. I decided after reading the different sites and based on that knowledge from before, I'd personally aim for between 40 and 50 grams of fat per day. No problem, right? WRONG!

Even trying to be smart about what I'm choosing, I'm finding that there's fat in darn near everything!! And I am going over on calories and fat every single day. Frustrating as heck! I read on one of the sites that suggested X number of fat grams per day that it might take practice to get down to eating under that number each day, but that in time you could do it. And I though, practice? Why do you need to practice? Just decide not to eat that many fat grams, problem solved. Except, nothing in weight loss is that easy. If it was, we'd have never gotten fat in the first place!

So it's going to take some practice, and it's going to take some recipe box tweaking. (Really just thinking about throwing the whole darn thing out the window and starting over! Making the recipes I ate growing up is how I got looking like this to begin with!) It's going to take better planning of my day, so that I haven't used up all of my fat grams by lunch time, knowing full well I'm planning on eating dinner!

I want to do this the right way, the permanent way. Not being the only person eating lettuce for dinner, but making healthy meals that our entire family can enjoy and benefit from! Maybe at the beginning I eat a little more lettuce than the regular meals I'm preparing just to get me to that healthier level, but in the long run, I want us to all be on the same, healthy, page.
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    Tammy, I love the idea of the new and improved recipe box! I too suffer with a husband who likes what his mom made growing up and who balks at the idea of eating my "diet food". Funny thing is, he's type 1 diabetic, so honestly, my diet food is what he should be eating anyway! And my picky eater is 11, not 2!

    I definitely know that if I am hungry I have to eat. Otherwise, I will be miserable all night. I just try to make it a smart something that I know is beneficial to my body. For me, fruits and veggies aren't bad (definitely not my go-to item, but...), but I have to have protein with all meals and snacks. So I can have those carrots, but I need them with hummus or something like that. Most proteins come with fat though, bringing me closer to that number every time I eat!

    I do indeed relish in the starting over each day. Every day is a clean slate and I can do my best to do better today. I love that. And to be honest, ALL of the efforts I am making are an improvement over what I was doing before. So every step I take in the right direction is a good one.

    1889 days ago
  • TAMMY5707
    I feel your pain. Today was my first day trying to stay within my calorie goals and I can't believe how fast I used up my calories. I'm hungry but afraid to eat sometimes. And cooking for my family makes it even harder because my husband doesn't want to eat "diet food" and just getting my two-year-old to eat anything is a challenge.

    But the good news is that each day we start over at zero and can try again.

    I'm relying on fruits and veggie snacks to keep within my ranges. This is new for me. I'm not a very good fruit and veggie eater.

    One thought on the recipe boxes is to start a new one and every time you "convert a recipe" or learn a new one, put it in the old box. But don't throw out the old box. In my opinion old family recipes are treasures, even if they are only once in awhile specialities rather than daily cooking.

    Keep up the good work!
    1889 days ago
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