shocking wii news...

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

got out my wii fit tonight.

I always found it very motivating to see my weight & BMI & wii fit age, plus watch my little mii shrink (or expand as the case may be)

Well - I had not been on that sucker in one whole year & I am ashamed & disgusted & horrified at how I have let myself go :(

My new wii age is 49 (my real age is 43), but that is not the worst part. I way 30 pounds more then I did a year ago. 30 FR/#*!ICKING POUNDS!!!!!!!!!!! Talk about a wake up call.

BLC could not be begining at a better time.

I have had my hysterectomy. I have a wii fit, kettlebells, free weights, a gym membership & a zumba class begining on MLK day.

I know what I should eat.

I have the tools.

Enough excuses & falling off track & putting myself last on the list.

This absolutely has to be it for me.

I can do this.

I will do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow - day one again & for the LAST time!!!
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