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Where Do I Begin???

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

This very well may be one of my longest and rambling blog posts ever...or it very well could be one of the shortest and most pointless. We shall see! The thing is, I have a lot to update as it's been, well, quite some time. Almost a month to be exact...Wow. So let's see what's been happening in my little ol' world.

My Knee:
When I last left ya, I was actually in not too bad of a place. I saw the doctor and he said my two main tendons (ACL & MCL) were fine and that it appeared to be a little tendonitis in the LCL as well as needing a little more lubricant in the joint. He gave me a couple shots, prescribed Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM and sent me on my way to good results...for a little while anyways until all h-e-double hockey sticks hit the fan. Remember how the vitamin stuff - I'm going to just call it Tri-Flex because that's how most of the vitamin corporations market it and all that other schtuff is a mouthful and a half - was upsetting my stomach? Well, I've been taking it in the evenings instead and am fine! Whoooo - so glad I found a way to take that stuff without losing my breakfast every single time!

So I ran a couple times after seeing the doctor with some success and was feeling like the half marathon, although different than beginning expectations, would still be do-able. I made it through a Christmas Eve run, prepping the house for the holiday company, going to anniversary dinner, and wrapping all the presents without any problems. Christmas morning I felt okay if not a little sore. By end of the day on Christmas my knee was throbbing. But I still wasn't too worried. I attributed it to all the cleaning, cooking and standing throughout the day but took a few more days off of running just to be on the safe side. We roll around to the days following New Year's and the knee is still being irksome and I was beginning to think doing a half in about three weeks was not going to happen and began discussing changing to a 5k option with my mom and sister. Then that is when I don't know WHAT happened, but it most certainly was NOT good because the afternoon and evening of January 3 my knee began swelling. The 4th of January it was actually in pain. I headed to the diagnostic imaging place and got x-rays taken hoping for results to the doctor early the following week now that it is all online. Called the doctor's office that afternoon to let them know that the x-ray results should be on their way shortly and that the knee was getting worse. Of course they didn't have the results yet so they slapped on the band-aid of 800 mg ibuprofen 3x a day to help with the pain and inflammation. I kept thinking I would hear from the doctor during the week, but by Friday when I was STILL in the exact same boat of pain and swelling, I called them again. So this was last Friday, January 11. I never heard from them on Friday and then didn't hear from them yesterday, so called and left yet another message all the while the pain is getting worse and I'm limping around, struggling to walk up and down the stairs and getting more and more frustrated of the continued pain. I finally heard back from the medical assistant last night after 5 PM - in other words, after the doctor was gone and everybody else was closed. Well, guess what - she couldn't find any x-ray results for me. UGH!! I'm so frustrated!!! In the meantime I am just angry at this whole thing. I hate dealing with stupid doctor's offices, I'm sick of being in pain, and I'm tired of not even being able to move my leg without sending shock waves up my leg. It's irritating as all get out, I'm sure you can imagine.

So I don't truly know what is wrong with my knee yet, but from the little bit of research I've done it sure sounds an awful lot like a meniscus tear. I won't even go into what we do to fix it until I talk to a medical professional and confirm it through an MRI...so the saga continues.

Exercising While Injured:
I will confess right off the bat that because I am extremely angry about my stupid knee, I pretty much threw a tantrum and rebelled during the three weeks that I was off of work once it became evident that running was out of the question. So I sat back and stewed in my juices for a bit and did absolutely NOTHING. I slept in every day (well, until 5 or 6 AM, but woke up without an alarm clock) and rested my body and mind in the hopes that January would pick back up. Which it obviously hasn't. So I sat there and angrily read healthy living blogs and Facebook statuses from people all excited about their New Year's resolutions and goals, hopes and dreams for how many miles they would run this year, plans for races and PR's and got even more and more pissed. And then I decided that even though I can't workout my lower body right now, there was nothing wrong with my upper body and core. So I am now focused on getting the best damn arms and abs that I can possibly have while I let the lower body have a break. I am going to try to eat clean and light so I can possibly lose some weight because the reality is that as soon as I started running, the weight loss turned into a slow crawl. So maybe this is just the break my body needs to finally get back to losing mode! But even if it doesn't, well, my arms and abs will be in good shape by darn!

Word for 2013:
I will post a separate blog about it in more depth in the next couple of days but just in case someone out there is just DYING to know what it is after I left you hanging back in December my word for 2013 is: LIGHT. As I mentioned, I'll explain more in a different post sometime in the very near future. But it is important and it deserves its own time. :-)

Holiday Fun:
I had an awesome and low-key holidays! I can't say I did anything all that amazing or special, but it was fantastic family time. Christmas Eve is mine and the hubby's anniversary so we went to dinner at our once-a-year restaurant in the little mountain community just up the hill in Idyllwild. Then Christmas Eve all the kids came over and stayed the night so we could wake up together Christmas morning. We had a great time opening presents, sipping on hot apple cider and cocoa, listening to the great and wonderful Bing Crosby, and enjoying each other's company. Little Joshua, who is a little over 2 now, totally got it and had a blast! It was awesome to see the wonder of the holidays through his eyes. My sister and her family and Mom came over a little later for the next round of presents and brunch, and then later that afternoon/evening we had a nice Christmas dinner with just our immediate family of kids and their people. For New Year's Eve we get together with my sister and family and mom for a game night. This has become our annual tradition and it is always a blast! Cranium, Scene It, Scattergories and more. Tons and tons of fun! Me, my mom and sister also snuck out a few days after Christmas and saw Les Miserables. It was fantastic and I enjoyed it very much! I know it is getting mixed reviews, but for this simple gal, I thought it was pretty darn awesome and I was blown away by the talent. I knew that Hugh was going to be fantastic, but I was truly impressed by Russell Crowe. And if you haven't seen the scene of Anne Hathaway singing that one song, it's not one to miss. Stellar!

Half Marathon Race Updates:
So I mentioned earlier that with the knee I was considering jumping down to a 5k instead...but the strangest thing happened. The Half Marathon we were registered to do THIS COMING SATURDAY was cancelled by the event organizers. Now it wasn't just cancelled, the company basically closed shop up completely with a blow-off message about how sorry they were to have to do this but that race fees are up and participation is down and they can no longer afford to do business under those circumstances. The most bizarre thing to me is that they made this determination just barely THREE WEEKS before a race, so wouldn't you think that they had already ordered shirts, medals, etc.? But they made absolutely no comment about refunds and as far as I know they have not still to this date. But hold on a second, they didn't just cancel the Temecula Race, they also cancelled a race in Vista AND the May race we were registered for in Carlsbad. So when I thought I had two half marathons this year, I now have NONE. Now, I do feel like this is a total blessing in disguise for me because of the knee issues, but I am actually pretty pissed that they have taken so many people's money and are not giving them what they paid for and have trained for through blood, sweat and tears. At the very least I figure they should send people their goodie bags, shirts and medals even if they aren't holding the race. But instead they have taken the $ and run. I guess I heard that they are filing for bankruptcy so I suppose it is in the court's hands now. I'm assuming they will take all the assets and pay the vendors first and then maybe the people who paid registration fees will get what is left. I'm not hopeful though. I feel really bad because my Mom very generously signed up all three of us for BOTH of these races. By my tally that means she is out close to $400 with no idea of if it will come back to her. It stinks I tell ya!!!

Alright, well, I think I've captured it all...I told ya it was probably going to be long and rambling. So if you are still here with me, I just want to tell ya Happy New Year!! Mine hasn't gotten off to a stellar start, but the good thing about that is that 2013 is just barely beginning - it has all kinds of time to get better!! Thank you for all your support!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    "This very well may be one of my longest and rambling blog posts ever"
    How can I resist a starting line like that?

    Sorry about all the knee BS, I'm right there with you about physical limitatons. Please, let's not talk about our age here, too sad. I am also a sorry sack of poo when it comes to being hurt and keeping up with other workouts that are do-able. No good at that, but I hope you can get it together. Certainly the eating would be where to focus.

    I know you know how well I did the last 8 weeks of 2012 with diet and diet only. And lo and behold 2013 has not been a great year so far for me nutritionally. I've streaked for two whole days, come join me first mate!
    1880 days ago
    Okay that is a load of crap with that doctor! Make sure you write a review on Yelp and Healthgrades.com so others can be aware of it. Can you switch? Go for the 2nd opinion (or the first since they suck) and tell them what you're going through and how long you've been waiting. Try to do a little research on good docs in your area because yours isn't one of them. If this isn't a tear, consider a chiropractor that treats runners specifically. I never would've recommended one until I went to mine. He's never adjusted me once, just lasers (for the nerves and scar tissue), vibration plate therapy (to get circulation going and shake up the scar tissue after the laser) and deep tissue massage (to release the bunged up muscles). I'm on week 5 of exercise modification and I can tell you it's a big fat pain in the butt but SO necessary. There are so many things you can do for your upper body and core that still get your heart rate up.

    Heal up and try to be patient. You need to listen to the bod even if you don't like what it's saying.
    1885 days ago
    First off sorry about having to deal with the knee, that's horrible. Fingers crossed it can get better with a little TLC and some rest.

    Second: how did your mom pay for the races? If she put it on her credit card, I would have her dispute it immediately with the credit card companies and she might be able to get her money back that way. If it was through a check, I'd talk with her bank because a lot of time they pay the vendor back first and then it's first come first serve, so getting your dispute in early could make a difference.

    Hoping 2013 turns around for you!
    1885 days ago
    What they cancelled Carlsbad too? I read somewhere that it was the same company but I hadn't checked their site in a while. That makes me so mad, I was just about to make a hotel reservation. I could really use that $50 back too. (But on the bright side I may start trying to start a family a little sooner - because I won't have that race on tap.)

    I'm sorry to hear about your knee saga and can definitely relate. Althought that is very scary that its gotten so much worse so fast.

    1886 days ago
    Ouch, I feel for ya w/the knee pain! I popped a meniscus in my L knee almost 10 yrs ago (helping a client load a reluctant colt in the trailer)... Ortho/sports med MD told me to rest it up, come back when the pain got too bad for MRI & surgery.
    So far, so good - it twinges on me occasionally but I'd rather do without arthroscopy unless my pain is unrelenting.

    I need to pick a half to train for this spring so I can see if my ol' flat feet are rehabbed (or not, as the case may be ;-)
    1886 days ago
    Keep pushing to find answers and solutions. The nerve pain in my foot has laid me up over a year and I'm finally saying screw it and trying to move forward.

    Make 2013 your B**CH!
    1887 days ago
    So, so, SO frustrating. I like your plan to work on your arms and core while you address the knee issue. Sometimes the best thing we can do in this life is be willing to adapt.
    emoticon emoticon
    1887 days ago
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