Return of the Yoda

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Alright, which one of you SparkPeople called Yoda and busted me for skipping the gym for a month????? Anyone gonna confess??


I got a text from Yoda today asking how things were going. I'm pretty sure that he already knew but that he wanted to hear it from me. When I told him that I hadn't been to the gym since he left, he wasn't angry but was a little bit disappointed.

So he's going to train me.

Yup. I still get Yoda!

It's not really an official training. He doesn't have a real gym or anything, but he is going to meet with me and make a workout plan and give me someone to hold myself accountable to. Plus, I think he misses me!

We're going to wait until I'm feeling better. I've had a massive headache and cold, so I want to wait until that's finished before I jump into training again.

Also, I want to lose a few pounds before. I mean, Yoda is gonna KILL me if he finds out that I've gained 8 pounds since I met with him last.

So never fear, SparkFriends! Yoda will be back (probably with a vengeance)!
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