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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sometimes knowing what something isn't is just as valuable as knowing what it is, and sometimes it just drives you more mad. News, whether good or bad or neutral, have a way of shifting your perspective and opening up new avenues of thought, ones you've never thought you'd go down otherwise. It's like when you put in a new pair of contacts, and the world has suddenly shifted to this bright and clear vision you've forgotten about.

So I've learned that I don't have any of the really bad things that could happen to an eye, after spending seven hours being poked and prodded and having bright lights dancing in front of me while trying to walk from one room to the other at the eye clinic. Unfortunately, all the specialists are still stumped as to what the whole thing might actually BE- they've spent the day ruling things out until I had work obligations I just couldn't skip out on.

It's back to the ER/eye clinic tomorrow for more tests. The docs, seeing that I was as calm as could be, at last told me they are now going to go in two directions. The first is testing for a benign "lens shift" (my German really needs some work- talk Latin to me, please, I can make sense of the terminology there) following the conjunctivitis I got after New Year's (not unusual for contact lens wearers, we normally have one or two of those a year and I didn't think anything of it). The second is that there might be something in my brain.

The second one... I can't even think about it. My brain is the one thing I've got going for me. I've always been "the smart one"- what if that changes? These are some thought pathways I won't be pursuing.

On the plus side, whichever option comes out on top, I can have LASIK with it.

And the vacation is still on, too. Whee!
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