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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Once again, I've gotten through night #3 - without mindless night eating! Yay.

Having said that, however, I went to bed hungry.....and I tossed and turned a long time, even though I was very tired. I don't want that to be a nightly occurrence. That will certainly set me up for another binge. ( carrot wouldn't have done last night......)

So what to do.......?

I have to prioritize.

I have two main weight loss goals:

1. to stick to my Weight Watchers' program - eat within my point range by
spacing out my meals throughout the day. Aim for a pound a week.
2. to eliminate my mindless night eating habit which has destroyed my
weight loss efforts these many years, on and off.

Right now, I'm not sure I can do both at the same time. I need to eat a bit more during the day and evening in order not to be ravenous at 11pm....and thus not to go out to the kitchen ---- and ruin my whole day. I'm in pretty bad physical shape....and even walking is painful on most days. I MUST look into chair exercises - both to tone and burn some calories.......

It's an on-going process.....and weight loss is paramount. But even more crucial is breaking this self-defeating behavior of mindless night eating.....

Every day is a new day.....a new challenge. I hope I'm up to it.
When my pain amps up --- I'm used to 'comforting' myself with forbidden late night treats......I'll have to find other ways to compensate for food......

But, seriously, this requires lots of thought. Anything worthwhile, does, I guess.

As someone wise said,

Have a 'wonderfilled' day!!!

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    Boy, you're not alone there. I've been trying to plan for a regular "snack" to have at night especially if I have an early supper. I don't always make wise choices but I'm working on it. What does WW recommend? I get tired of snacking on baby
    1857 days ago
    I always have a 100-calorie English muffin with a bit of butter spray, Splenda and cinnamon before bed. If I'm still hungry, I cut up an apple into very thin slices so it takes time to eat and heat it in the microwave, then add zero calorie maple syrup. Again, fooling myself by having something warm and creamy.

    In the summer, it's fruit smoothies with protein powder. "Whatever gets you through the night, is all right."
    1862 days ago
  • MARYANN2323
    Hey Kiddo,
    How each of us handles night time noshing is very individualized. For some, they are happy with veggies, anything in the tummy will do. For others (me) I need to have a small, there's the important part, SMALL serving of carbs with some fat. The carbs help me to sleep. I have one, ONE!, plain rice cake (carb) with just a slight, SLIGHT!, smear of peanut butter or a thin slice of cheese. I have this about half an hour before bed. If that's not enough, I allow 1/2 an apple. With the apple, it's still under 150 cal. I allow for this during the day.

    And you're right about eating enough throughout the day. With too few calories all you do is set yourself up for those night cravings that ruin all your hard work.

    emoticon Here's your star #3!! WooHoo Girl!!!!!!!!! emoticon emoticon
    1866 days ago
    I hear you--oh, yes I do. I would absolutely be svelte and never have been overweight if I had not succumbed to the temptation to eat in the late-evening/night-time.

    One thing that might work or at least help is to allow yourself to eat low-carb snacks--I mean things without a lot of added sugars. No bread. No crackers. And there is much worse. That helps me a lot. If I need to eat a pound of vegetables, that's better than eating one bite of ice-cream. Another thing that works for me (although it's not a low-caloric option) is a tablespoon of nut butter--I usually just have peanut butter--without crackers. When I broke up permanently with Ben and Jerry, I started turning to peanut butter sandwiches and / or crackers. Now if I can get the high-carb out of the equation, it stems my cravings. They are not so desperate and irrational and they don't feel so minatory.

    I know that this issue has been the single most difficult one I have had to face and it remains a struggle but I have noticed some improvement since I ruled out high-sugar and white flour foods.

    With my very best wishes1
    1866 days ago
    If you're having issues with being starving going to bed, try something like raw kale. It's a bit bitter, but kindof tastes like the darkest green part of romaine lettuce. 1 cup of that is quite filling, good for you, and has negligible calorie content. Just something in your stomach to settle it without being heavy or overfull. A nice tisane (camomile or mint) might help too :)

    1866 days ago
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