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It could be worse (TMI alert)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It could be worse, but...

I went to the dentist Sunday. Appointment was for Thursday, but they called me with an opening Sunday after work rather than Thursday in the middle of the day, so I took it. Got in the chair at 4:00, got out around 7:15. Ugh. I went in with a broken tooth that didn't hurt, and now I am in pain. I've had worse tooth pain, but if it doesn't get better by tomorrow, I'm going to have to have a root canal. They were afraid I would need one, but didn't. However, all the work they had to do (drill out big old filling, drill out decay, clean, build up for a crown, take impressions, put on a temporary) may have weakened the tooth to the point that a root canal will be needed. I hope not. I already plunked down $1500; I doubt I'll get 25% of that back from the insurance company. It could be worse, though. What if I didn't have the money? Been there, done that.

Here's the TMI: my period is weird. Started Saturday, very light. Sunday, which would normally shall I say it?...okay, no need to be graphic...heavy. Heavy begins to hint at what my second day usually is. Anyway, Sunday was almost nothing. Weird. Monday, the same. Actually even less. Today, about the same. Until...I went to the gym. Oops - almost very embarrassing. And now - NOW - I'm feeling crampy. Super, super weird. Maybe this is perimenopause. I don't like it, whatever it is. I want to know what to expect every day. I don't have time for this crap. It could be worse, though.

Anyway, I obviously didn't make it to the gym Sunday, what with working all day and then spending 3+ hours at the dentist. Yesterday, had to come home right after work because DH had to work. Today BodyBalance, which was good.

The last few weeks have been hard at the gym and running. I've put on so much weight, and I've felt every pound when I've exercised. It's harder to get into poses, and even harder to hold them because it's hard to breathe because my gut's in the way. I can't reach back and grab my foot. And I'm back to being the biggest thing in the room again, which is disheartening. I try to think that I'm inspiring people by daring to go in there in skin-tight workout gear and setting up right in the front of the room and doing my very best, but if I think about it too much, I assume everyone is laughing at and/or pitying and/or being disgusted by me. I can't control what people think, and I can't let it stop me. And I know I assume the worst, but it does bother me sometimes. I will say that I am kind of grateful that this culture doesn't really allow for nudity, even in a single-sex locker room, though! LOL Anyway, I can and do work out, so it could be worse.

Work continues apace. I have mostly caught up, and now students are turning in final projects which means I will snowed under again by Thursday. I have volunteered for more (unpaid) work because I am an idiot. Haha. No, because I am building my CV. I am working towards a better job. I am developing myself professionally (since my administration doesn't seem to care about providing professional development). I have to keep telling myself these things. So that's good.

Food-wise, it's been so-so. I haven't really been able to eat much because of the tooth. It could be worse.

So, it's mostly good.

That's good.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Loved your post! Made me feel good about the day.. because. you're right. It could be worse.
    I'm reading a lot of comments about the perimenopause on here. Can I ask your age? I'm going to be 40 in Sept. My mom swears I've started it. I don't know. I just had a baby a year ago & ever since having him, everything is messed up. My doctor says I'm too young, but evidently, my grandmother went thru it & was done by the age of 41. I guess anything is possible!
    Have a good day, everyone!
    1886 days ago
  • BERRY4
    Perimenopause...seems to take the "control" out of knowing what to expect. Expect the unexpected. Frustrating!

    One person mentioned the benefits of healthy eating and exercise in going through this time of life. I second that motion. It HAS made a difference for me.

    Sounds like you are working in a classroom? -- Doing so without pay can make it hard to see the long term benefits.

    Don't give up. Keep on keepin' on. Things we do for health make a difference from the inside out!!
    1886 days ago
    Ouch ! I hope you don't need a root canal. That would be painful physically as well as financially.

    Peri-menopause ? Do you remember a TV show called Lost in Space ? What did the Dr Smith character always say ? Oh, the pain, the pain. LOL !!

    My menstrual cycle was so regular, you could set a clock by my body. Not anymore. Not since peri-menopausal started. My cycle is all over the place. Some days it's light. Some days it's heavy. What do I do ? Prepare for the day as if it's going to be heavy and be pleasantly surprized if I'm light.

    Lately, since we're being honest here, I've noticed that I'm heaviest in the evening when I sleep.

    One thing I will say about peri menopause is this, eating right DOES make a difference. I feel that my healthy diet and regular exercise program has helped decrease the symptoms. I've talked with other women and I'm not having any of the issues they are having. And I attribute that to a healthy diet and exercise.

    Good luck with that tooth !


    1886 days ago
    Girl,menopause anything is a roller coaster of new symptoms! the second helped me alot!add a tooth problem to the mix,priceless!!!!
    1886 days ago
    OW on your tooth.
    Peri-menopause is a biznotch.
    Good for you on building your CV.

    You are inspiring by being strong enough to hold on through the battle of esteem. You will reap your rewards.

    Yes, it could be worse, but, it could be better...and soon because you didn't quit taking care of yourself.

    Hang on.

    1886 days ago
    Bummer about your tooth. I hope it gets healed quick.
    I've been having similar weird periods. Somebody suggested getting checked out for fibroids, which haven't been a big deal to treat, according to friends who have had them.
    I completely relate to feeling like a bouncing donut hole in a room full of green beans. I hope the people in your classes are as supportive and awesome as the ones in mine. They call me a beast all the time and say that it IS a compliment, lol.
    1886 days ago
    Sounds perimenopausal to me also. No way to predict what happens month to month. Good luck on that tooth. II've had to have major dental work done also so I know where you're going from. Good job on the exercise! It is hard when you feel like everyone is staring at you. Keep on moving for you though! You are worth it! emoticon
    1886 days ago
    Yikes...poor tooth!
    Sounds perimenopausish to me. I would have light then almost nothing for a couple of days and then bam!! Definitely weird.
    At least you are working'll get some pounds down again and feel more comfortable.
    Don't stretch yourself too much with the extra work (but I do understand trying to beef up your CV).
    1886 days ago
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