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Winter 5% Challenge 2013

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Wow! It has been a while...almost 4 months...since I blogged last. The Winter 5% Challenge is gearing up and the pre-assignments start today.

I have always had mixed emotions about the pre-assignments. I always kinda read through them, and check them off as done...which isn't in itself a lie, because they are basically "done". I mean the cupboards are stocked with healthy foods, I know what diet I will be following, I have my exercise plans in place, and so on. These things are "done" because they are always "done". I don't have to "do" them, if I have already "done" them, right?? Hmmmm.....

This morning, I went into the team forums, saw the first challenge was up, and promptly replied with the goal met emoticon. Didn't even think about it...just GOAL MET! ...done!...just like that!.........................
............and then it dawned on me!

How many 5% Challenges have I done back to back? I don't know. I have lost count. So it is probably somewhere around 8?...9?....10?...I don't know. But I faithfully rejoin my team every single challenge, faithfully do the pre-assignments by checking them off as done, wait for the challenge to start, spend the next 8 weeks doing what I have always done...with the exception of the living the good life challenges, as those change up during each challenge...and every single challenge I lose 5% of my body weight...right???
...Nope! Not even close! I lose a couple of pounds at most, but never actually reach my goal. What in the world is wrong? Why isn't it working? I did what I was supposed to do..
....wait...did I? .......

...and BAM!...hit me like a ton of bricks! Did I really do everything I could to make goal? Well, I go to the gym just about every day (except for Sundays and Wednesdays). I do cardio for an hour or more 5X a week. I strength train 3X a week or more. I walk the dogs, weather permitting, between 1-2 miles nightly. I do exercise DVD's when I get bored in the afternoons. I have no problem logging my 120 minutes of exercise each and every day. And yes...I really do do all these things, is where the revelation comes in. I do, just like I did them yesterday, and just like I will do them tomorrow..and so on , and so on.....I have become numb to my workouts. I just do them now. I don't find myself lying in a pool of my own sweat at the end of my workouts anymore. I don't hit that proverbial wall of exhaustion anymore, outta breath, legs quivering, arms shaking as I reach for the door. I have to look like the contestants on the Biggest Loser after their last minute workouts...wrung out, beat up, quivering, covered in sweat, unable to do nothing but lay on the floor and TRY to breathe normally again AFTER EACH AND EVERY ONE OF MY WORKOUTS!!!!! I need to rev it up, turbo charge my workouts. Although I am logging 120+ minutes a day, I need to be actually working out. Hard.

I saw the Pre-Assignment #1 show up in the forum this morning, and I saw that it was the same Pre-Assignment #1 that is was last time, and the time before that...I just went into auto-pilot mode, and hit GOAL MET. I didn't put any effort into the assignment. I didn't even really think about it......and that got me to thinking about it. I have got to put more effort in, to get different results out. I can spend the next 8 weeks doing what I have always done, and getting what I have always gotten. Which is NOWHERE! I weigh just about the same at the beginning of this challenge as I did at the beginning of the last challenge, and the challenge before that, and the challenge before that, and the challenge before wonder I can't remember how many challenges I have done..they all look a like! Start the same! End the same! The same foods! The same workouts! The same effort! The same intensity! ......and I wonder why I can't lose weight??? Duh!

It takes not only commitment, but effort! Real effort...sweat stinging your eyes effort! And not just at the gym. I need to stop...just STOP! being on auto-pilot. Think about what I am doing. Really, stop, and think about the pre-assignments. What can I do differently? What can I do better? What can I do harder? faster?

So, that is where I am this morning. Contemplating my answers to the questions in assignment # 1:

Yes, I know where my workout gear is, put fresh batteries in my scale, noticed that it is time for a new pair of work-out shoes, and made an appointment to talk to a physical trainer at the gym about shaking up my workouts for maximum results.

I will continue on with a vegetarian diet. I have always been, and always will be a vegetarian. But I have got to find some new recipes to incorporate into my stale rotation. My goal for this challenge is to try a food that I have never tried before, or have not previously cared for, every week for the eight weeks. I am not a big fan of say...brussel sprouts, but can I find a way to cook them that makes them yummy and still be nutritious? I think having tried them in the past...way in the was before I was really "cooking". Experimenting with herbs and spices. Time to try and rescue some of those previously banned foods from the dislike category. If I am gonna shake things up at the gym, I have to shake things up in the kitchen too! I consider myself to be a good cook, and like to try new things, but even my cooking has become stale. And repetitive. I am going to search out those things in the produce section that I have no idea what they are. I am going to research them, and experiment with them. And hopefully find some new favorites!

Water is not really a challenge. I drink more water than I am supposed to most days.

Protein is, and always has been, a challenge. I can't seem to get enough protein in on a daily basis ever! I have to work on this.

I need to log my fitness and food EVERYDAY! Not just in the team challenge forum, but in their respective logs. That is where I am going to be able to see how much protein I am consuming, etc. That is what is going to keep me on track. I often complain about it being too difficult to track my food because I am a throw it in the pot kind of girl, no measuring of ingredients. I was taught to cook by my grandmother, and I am not even sure she owned any measuring cups or spoons... I will measure my food more consistently. Tracking will get easier.

I am going into this challenge differently than the past challenges. I would always tell myself that things were going to be "different" this time. I was going to hit my goal. But this challenge...I am DOING things differently, not just expecting the outcome to be different.


GO emoticon !!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Excellent, excellent blog! Love those AH moments! emoticon
    1792 days ago
    Hi..thanks for the great motivation..kind of kicked me off auto pilot too! Thanks for that!

    Hey have the teams been already assigned and I missed it? I signed up for starfish quite awhile ago and haven't heard or seen anyone with their teams on the team place, like the 5% winter Starfish...just wondering..I always thought I had my team before this pre challenge thing started??
    1814 days ago
    Wow it's like you read my mind! I need to reassess everything and really figure out how to be successful this go-around. I had an article about how vegetarians can get more protein... if I find it i will send it to you!
    1834 days ago
    Good for you, Carly! Changing it up is SO important. I am not really ENJOYING learning new exercise routines, but I'm doing it anyway these days, so as to challenge my body. Yay for taking care of ourselves!
    1834 days ago
    Carly, this blog is AMAZING....seriously.

    You are so right! That is what is missing for me, too. I am so in the same boat you are...except my weight has gone UP since I started the challenges.

    t=Results. I'm going to put that on a sticky note in my office right now.

    1834 days ago
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