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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

We've certainly had a weird weather pattern over the last year but officially it's beaten any previous record set.

2012 was officially the driest on record in the early part of the year with the reservoirs down lower then ever before and the threat of not enough water for the coming year. They were cracked and dry, places of interest to passers by who'd never seen them like it before.
It was reckoned it would have to rain non-stop for the rest of the year to bring the levels back up, well...
Whoever wished for that got it ten fold!

It rained in spring so much that the reservoirs filled to capacity and then some!
They over flowed!

The wet weather did for the spring flowers which flowered and died in less than a week. Insects were so scarce that many baby birds died in their nests due to lack of insect food or the eggs didn't hatch at all, even the swallows gave up after one brood and left early following their long flight path back the way they'd come only weeks before.
I count for the British trust for Ornithology and their records show the heavy decline in birds, insects and wildlife is one of the worst on record...that's official.
And it officially became the wettest spring on record too, but...

It didn't stop there, it kept on raining...and raining...and raining...
in fact it rained so much large swathes of the countryside were flooded. People we're rescued from their rain ravaged homes as we officially had the wettest summer on record!

There were no butterflies, no insects.
Flowers seemed doomed to die from the moment they blossomed, nothing lasted and everywhere seemed devoid of colour.
They promised it would be a spectacular autumn with colours at their brightest but it wasn't and many trees stayed green and didn't even get the chance to shed their leaves, keeping them on the trees until the winter wind blew them off still green and healthy looking!
Many trees hadn't set buds in the wet spring so there weren't many autumn fruits.
When the birds came over from their migratory summer roosts expecting to gorge themselves silly there were no juicy berries for them to eat.
Our own birds were struggling without the annual influx of migrators.

Winter continued with yet more rain, yet more flooding!
And though it was interesting to see, to drive down a country lane with flooded fields on either side or to be stopped from driving through a village as the roads were flooded it became tedious and even heartbreaking for the families caught up in it all.
So officially it became the wettest autumn and winter on record too...

And now we have snow...and ice...and strong winds...and it's perishingly cold. We're told it's set to last a month or more as freezing air from the arctic and scandinavia is pushed down across us...
so 2013 is looking like it might set an official record too.

A few pictures for you:

There's still beauty in a flooded field as sunset falls

And in the sunrise light of morning

The garden's looking pretty under it's blanketing of snow

Even freezing fog and ice has it's own wintery beauty

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