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FIRED UP for Monday

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

(25) F = Had an OUTLAW Dance Party - I'm still playing some of the GOYBADs and dancing
(25) I = CICO (posted below)
(25) R = 6 hours sleep last night
(25) E = Dates (see below)
(25) D = Upped weight on my Leg Press and did a full 3x12 set of lunges (yuck!)
(25) U = My affirmation "I can recover from mistakes and learn from them."
(25) P = Today's plan is brought to me by how I felt when I got home -- like I wanted to just curl up under my blanket and vegetate. Not sick, not tired exactly, just my body saying "enough for today". The plan is to listen to my body, both when it's ready to push hard and when it wants an easier ride -- and to recognize the difference between that and the lazy emoticon voice.

Range = 2210 - 2560
Calories IN = 2487
Calores OUT = 355 (HR Monitor actually had 476 for the listed workout)
Differential = 326

Saw these at the grocery store on Saturday and realized that I have never actually tried them before. Maybe they've been in a trail mix or something, but not ever that I paid attention to and tasted them directly.

Dates are one of the oldest cultivated foods, with archaelogical evidence of them in Arabia in 6000 BCE. Apparently, one variety was successfully grown from a seed that was accidentally stored for 2,000 years.

The palms on which they grow have separate male and female plants. Many commercial growers only have one male plant or even forego the male plant and purchase the male flowers, with manual pollination being done by laborers or sometimes using wind machines.

They are a very good source of potassium, but they are also about 80% sugar (all natural, of course). In fact, the many varieties seem to have different amounts of glucose, sucrose, and fructose.

Sooooo, you'd think with my sweet tooth, these would be a delightful treat. My ultimate take was that while they were sweet, they just didn't have the appeal that raisins have. I'll finish them off, and would eat them again, but they aren't something I'll seek out except perhaps to try other varieties someday.

** BONUS **

(25) F = Definitely exceeded 40 minutes of Fun.
(25) I = CICO posted all four days
(25) R = I got 31 hours of sleep over the four days.
(25) E = Dates were new to me.
(25) D = 15+ minutes each of the four days

(25) U = Did my very first one. Will definitely keep the others in mind.
(25) P = I'm feeling really good about my plans because I want to achieve balance AND do well.

(125) FIRED UP Bonus
I was afraid I was going to botch the sleep one, but was able to sleep in late Saturday and Sunday.

FIRED UP Challenge 1000/1000
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