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A Visit to the Dietician--an Unexpected, Non-Scale Victory

Monday, January 14, 2013

Several, ok, more like 10 years ago, I went to a dietician so she could tell me that I was fat. Oh, wait, the doctor said it was to help me with my weight. It did, but in a negative way. I left feeling like the fattest, stupidest, and worthless person on the face of the earth. I remember going home that night and eating an entire Tombstone Pizza--just to prove her wrong (I know... twisted thinking).


Tonight I met with a dietician again, for much different reasons. I have recently been diagnosed with diabetes and I needed to meet with the dietician to re-learn how to eat. As you might have guessed, I was a bit apprehensive about the visit. I told myself that if she makes me feel like less than the person I am, I am going to leave the appointment and not take it.

What happened was the complete opposite of what my previous experience had been. The new dietician was excited to see the changes I had started making since my diagnosis. She congratulated me on my hard work. I was elated. The next thing that happened blew my mind. She thought that a food diary might help me. I smiled a big smile and told her that I did, using Sparkpeople. She smile and said that she LOVES Sparkpeople and recommends it quite often. We spent the rest of my appointment looking at all the charts and reports of all the things I track here. She giggled like a little girl, pleased with the changes I have made and how we could track some of the benefits of those changes right on SP.

We actually looked at the things I had concerns about. She answered my questions and took what I had to say seriously. I wanted to stay with her and keep going with this appointment all afternoon. What a switch from my previous experience. She was more interested in truly helping me rather than criticizing my past choices. I told her some things that would help me and she is going to look into those things for me. Incredible.

So while this visit didn't offer a lot of new information the affirmation and recognition of the work I have put into this was the boost I needed to keep going. Sometimes affirmation is more important to me than the numbers on the scale. I just need someone to say, Linda, you are doing it right; you are doing a good job; I recognize the work it takes to lose weight and to eat in a more healthy way.
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