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Grouchy Old Man And Other Weekend Ramblings

Monday, January 14, 2013

Hubby has talked about quitting smoking for a few yrs now. He said that THIS would be the yr he would. I was skeptical to say the least. But I didn't nag him about it. He knows hos I feel about it. And I don't buy his smokes for him (on the weeks I buy groceries). So image my surprise when he DID quit! As of Saturday, he's stopped smoking. We spent the looking at patches for him to wear, but by the end of the day we hadn't found one he wanted to spend money on. So he decide to go COLD TURKEY. As proud of him for trying that, I'm the one has to put up with a grouchy old man in the house (or car!) emoticon . And GROUCHY is just what he was all day Sat. At our last stop I just flat out told him...I'm buying you the patches! I love him for doing this, and we do have a strong marriage, but I can only take so much grouchiness. So he's on NicoDerm CQ patches for 14 days. Wish us BOTH luck to get though this! emoticon

I don't know if it's due to the stop smoking but hubby was also cold all weekend. Temps here in Las Vegas are in the low 20's (night) to mid 30's (day). He swore up and down that our heat pump had gone out. But the house was a nice 74-75 most of the weekend. But he was still cold. I do admit that when the heat pump would kick on...it wasn't HOT air blowing out of the vents, lukewarm at best. We set a ceramic heater up in the bedroom (I wasn't cold but hubby was) for the night. Nearly roasted me out! Hubby called a HVAC guy yesterday and he came out today (which meant hubby stayed home from work). All he could find was the unit needed freon. He added some and it seemed to take care of the problem. Cost us $80 to do. I hope that takes care of the problem for good. emoticon

I had a bad weekend eating wise. Just the same problem..nibbling though the day. Stress maybe from dealing with my grouchy old hubby (think an old fuzzy, grumpy teddy bear!), the heat pump drama, and being tried most of the weekend probably played a role in the eating bad. But I seem to be back on track today. emoticon

We went to AZ for lottery tickets. You never know...someone has to win...it might as well be US! We have draws for the next 10 weeks. emoticon

So that's it for me today. At least this week only has 1 Monday (even if I have to work a full week..the frist time all year! emoticon) Stay warm everyone!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Quitting smoking was teh best thing I ever did. it was also teh hardest. About 2 weeks in I thought I was going to take out everything around me. But it does pass. Just hang in there. I used to tell my hublet it was the nicotine monkey not wanting to let go that made me a raving witch that first 2 weeks.
    1795 days ago
  • 123ELAINE456
    Congratulations to the Both Of You. I have smoke for 55 years now. have tried to quite but have not made it as of yet. So Good Luck and may He quite for good. The Grouchy Old Man phase will get better in time. Just get back on Track and You will be fine. God Bless You and Have a Very Nice Happy Day. Take Care.
    1795 days ago
    emoticon Congratulations to Both of you!! The Grouchy Bear Phase should be Temporary ~ and SHORT, I Hope!! ~ and then you have a Happy Healthy Bear to Cuddle Up with for a Long Time.
    Love Your Cartoons!!! And I had A Pork Chop for Dinner, LOL!!
    1796 days ago
    Oh! Did you get your "old grumpy fuzzy teddy bear" at Build-a-Bear, too! Except that mine didn't come with any NDCQ patches (he doesn't smoke). Wonder if I should take him back??? You sure he's not coming down with this crud? Bran and I both had it last week and neither of us could get warm for love ner money. The weekend food thing happened. You got over it immediately, right? Don't let the "sweet & salty" little b*st*rds win! Hugs, Calen~ emoticon
    1796 days ago
    Congrats to him for becoming a non smoker!
    I used to smoke too and years ago a wonderful sparkperson (I forgot who) on a team NO MORE SMOKING posted a link to Allen Carrs Easy Way to Stop Smoking book. I read that book and it totally worked!
    After more than a year of non smoking, I got a little over confident and smoked one cigarette and was instantly hooked again! It was awful. emoticon I was so upset with myself.
    This time I checked on Amazon for the Audio Book version so that I could listen to it in my car driving to and from work. There are 5 CD's in the audio version. By the time I finished the audiobook, I was again no longer wanting to smoke! emoticon emoticon
    I hope his method to wean himself off the nicotine works, but if it doesn't, you might try getting that book or audio book. I got the audio book because I knew I would not sit down to read the paper version.
    Let me know how it goes !!
    1796 days ago
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