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Disgusted with the BEAUTY Industry (link)

Monday, January 14, 2013

In a short 12 days, I will be in Mexico. emoticon

I am a very fair-skinned girl, and everyone around me told me that I should tan before I go because that way I don't burn right away when I am there, causing me to be miserable on my trip.

So, I was talking to a friend about it today, and she mentioned that some beds have weight limits.

Too shy to just outright call the place, I went to google to find out the answers I wanted to about tanning beds and weight limits.

The FIRST link that came up when I searched "Tanning Weight Limit" was one that I clicked (naturally).

Before I give you the link, I must warn you: emoticon DO NOT CLICK THE LINK IF YOU GET UPSET EASILY emoticon

I usually can read something and let it go, but this just KEPT GOING. Read for yourself:

Honestly, after reading that, I feel VIOLATED. I have seen on TV people talking like that... and maybe they say things like that behind my back... but I have never actually heard someone talk like this!

I am so sorry to anyone who has heard stuff like that. Yeah, I get the looks and faces, but not once has someone come up to me and said anything like this!

I am absolutely disgusted and it makes me even more uneasy about the rest of my afternoon.

I will be sure to report back, but I had to share this with my loving and kind Spark Family.

Maybe this kind of language makes others want to change and become a healthy person, but for me it makes me NOT want to change so that I don't turn into someone like that!

I will continue to make progress on my own, even though I am absolutely disgusted!
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    Wow. emoticon
    1867 days ago
    These people just don't get the struggles we have with our weight. If only it was so simple as eating less. It's way deeper than our so called "love" of food...
    1867 days ago
    Wow....those people are terrible! I've gotten the comments before about my weight, but the ones I just read are just wretched. I'm sorry you had to read that, and I'm sorry that there are so many people out there who would happily say such cruel things to people that are overweight. Don't let it get to you too much. You know you're trying to lose weight to be healthy, and for yourself, not for those awful people. *Hugs* We're all cheering you on.
    1892 days ago
    Skip the tanning and use your sunscreen.
    My cousin has skin cancer from using tanning beds.

    1892 days ago
    Well you certainly warned us. That one lady in there is so mean (the one who says she is 100lb). emoticon
    1893 days ago
    Those people are incredible, and remind me why most forums and articles that allow comments (on places that are not spark) make me want to throw up.

    1893 days ago
    wow!!! People are very rude! I used to do tanning beds. no issues. I know the receptionist when I first signed up was very big on how to enter and exit the beds. She said those are normally times when something happens. Mainly because of elbows. Wish those people would grow up!!!
    1893 days ago
    What intrigues me is, the original lady in the post was nice about it and she was asking about a question she's had in the past, the others that were rude didn't use a picture of themselves. Most are probably trolling.
    1893 days ago
    I don't think it's being thin that makes people like that; I've met bigger people who are twice as nasty. Sometimes it's a bit hard to rap my head round the fact that there are actually people like that in the world.
    1893 days ago
    That is horrid!!! I am in shock!!

    You rock on!!!
    1893 days ago
    I am sorry that you read that and were so upset by it. I guess things like this are out there, even though one would like to think better of people! Aside from tanning, I have a few tricks for the paper-white! emoticon I take a high dose of Astaxanthin daily, it really did help me over the summer! It is an antioxidant. I think 12 mg. I also use mineral based sunscreens with zinc and titanium, which worked a LOT better for me the past 2 years I found them. Neutrogena makes one, as well as natural/organic brands. I used to get a killer sunburn every year camping and every year when I ran for the first time. Nothing this year except I was a little pink!
    1893 days ago
    It used to make me so sick to read or hear things like this (I've had the displeasure of hearing it being said about me at a tanning salon, even though I was in stand up and even though I had a fantastic relationship with the owners and workers at this shop... I thought...) and one day I realized that there are always going to be people like that in the world and that the things they said could only bother me if I let them.

    Nowadays, I call ahead and ask about the beds. The first time the lady said "oh, we have 3 lay down and one stand up, which would you like?" I laughed and said the stand up because I was too big for the lay down and I could tell she didn't know what to say, but she was pleasant and set me up with stand up appointments. I've never had a problem with the ladies at the new place because I was straight up in telling them I wouldn't be interested in laying down to tan. Ever.

    AAAANYWAYSSSS.... from all that rambling, my point was that not everyone is going to be a complete a word, don't let that post (a gathering of idiots, if you ask me) deter you from tanning and from enjoying the experience.

    And, don't let it make you NOT want to change. You won't turn into someone like that, and if you do, you better believe I'll hop the next plane to your door and give you a little what what. ;)

    *Just kidding of course*

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1893 days ago

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