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Monday, January 14, 2013

So what can I accomplish in 124 days? That's when I graduate from college forever. Only took 10 years of college, but hey, who's counting?

So in 124 days I need to:
A) write my dissertation
B) find a job
C) sell my house
D) convince my PhD committee to let me go
E) Go to three weddings
F) Go to a conference
G) Ask my roommate to move out and pay for all the damage her dog has done to my house
H) Eat healthy
I) Exercise once I've healed up
J) -- oh yea -- and heal the heck up from my surgery...

Yea, that list isn't stressful at all is it? I'm staying positive though (and allowing myself some caffeine to keep me moving). I have a plan. I'm going to work on the top two first. The dissertation is the biggie that's going to take the most work. If I could work out a post-doc or a job before April then I know the majority of the stress will come off my back. Heck I went to grad school six years ago for the specific reason that I didn't want to start job hunting -- oh yea, and cause I like science and I want people to call me Doctor.

So the plan for the week is to make some serious progress on my dissertation. I have once chapter done. I have the majority of another chapter done in the form of a grant that I submitted. I'm trying to do a really thorough literature review on prostate cancer and statin usage (which is what I study now). Hopefully I can swing that into another review article since I'm OCD and I have to make sure that I have every reference in it -- in an organized awesome table for quick reference. *NERD ALERT*

So that's the plan for the week. I've been catching up on Spark. I have a ton of new friends after being added to the Motivator page. I mostly follow blogs people post, so that takes a bit of reading, and I always try to give goodies to the newbies without any -- so I just spent an hour on Spark when I should be typing... buuuuut... yea. I still need to wake up.

I'm also waiting for some ace bandages to get out of the dryer before I go change my bandage this morning. Its still horrifying. No sugar coating it. I thought it was getting better. I definitely have some hard scar tissue forming at the edges of the open incision, and the doctor thinks its going to "slams shut" any day now. His words. Its apparently going to be bad until magically one day it decides to heal over in a day or two. *I thought that was happening on Saturday. I didn't have too much pain from it and I was able to comfortably snuggle with TJ on the couch and go out to dinner. But then it just started hurting again. Sunday it was bad. I almost didn't go out of the house to a Golden Globes party. So all in all, I'm not looking forward to the bandage change I have to go do... But I will. And I won't complain about it too much because whining is not allowed. Never has been, and I won't start now.

I did go out last night to a Golden Globes watch party with my girls. It was fun. We gossiped but the percocet and pain kept me a little out of the loop. I didn't realize how much the meds and pain were affecting me. I literally am starting to forget words. I forgot Velcro yesterday and the name of my friends rabbit even after she said his name like ten times. Its weird. Perfect time to write a 400 page thesis right? ;-)

It was nice to gossip though. What was with all the cleavage and see through mesh every woman was wearing? Eeep! SO could not wear any of those dresses. It was interesting to see all the skinny women talking about their Spanxs... and their multiple layers of Spanx. And the corsets... so a lot of those women were suffering just to look perfectly thin. One comment last week that threw me for a loop was on Fashion Police. George called Jennfier Lawrence (from the Hunger Games) a "bigger girl"! I and Kelly and Guilianna were like, WTF?!? She's a size 4/6~! And the Hollywood stylist was calling her a bigger girl! Now that is just ridiculous. Last night she had on this tiiiiiiiny waisted Dior dress with a belt around her middle and she looked like a size 0/2. He better eat his words tonight on Fashion Police. Its comments like that, that drive women to feel horrible about their bodies. I'm partially going to watch tonight to see if they call George on his comment again. She's literally a STICK!

So for the part "G" of my list above. I have a girl living with me. She was originally going to stay for three months and leave in November once she was done with classes. She didn't want to get a short term lease because in a college town, leases are from August to August, or you pay through the nose. I agreed to let her stay -- and let her get a puppy since her dog had just died from cancer. Now her dog is dumb. I don't say this lightly. This dog is DUUUUUUUUMB. And he's a puppy. And he's destructive. He's chewed the baseboards of the bathroom where she keeps him while she's at work. He chewed up my coffee table. He chewed up the doggy steps my little dogs use to get on the couch. He's eaten a lot of her shoes. He's eaten zippers off coats... He plays with rocks... He's dumb and bored and destructive.

Now November came and went and she decided to stay another month to help out at work. She was one of the undergrads in my science lab doing the grunt work. Then our lab manager quit cause my boss is crazy. So she decided to take over the lab manager job -- and continue to live with me. Without asking. Now I was thinking the $300 extra in rent would come in handy for my bills. But now with a serious boyfriend who likes to visit, the destruction the dog has caused (oh yea, he ate the comforter I had on the bed in the room she's staying in too!), and the fact that I need to have my house pristine once I start to sell... I need to ask her to move out.

She's planning on staying until April. My boss thinks I'm a new person since I'm allowing her to live with me which means I'm not a troll that hates people (his previous thoughts apparently -- he's crazy, remember). So this is causing me a bit of stress. I think I'm going to blame it on my parents -- specifically my mom. She's also crazy, so it makes for a convenient excuse. She was down here last week changing my bandages and flipped out over the damage to the house and the yard. Plus if she comes down, my guest room has a roommate living in it and I sleep on the couch. In the coming month or two my parents are going to have to come down to start helping me fix up the house to sell -- they're my co-signers on the loan. So its going to be stressful if everyone is here.

So I've decided I have to ask her to leave, and since she didn't ask it if was okay to stay in the first place... I think its okay. I just feel bad. My mom keeps telling me that I'm letting people abuse me and my willingness to help. I get it. I'm a provider. I like to make sure other people are happy... but in this case I think I have to stand up and ask her to move out... But its a confrontation I'm not looking forward too.

*Sigh* So that's my dilemma of the week. That and clean and talk to a realtor and write and contact a PI in StL about a postdoc... and heal. And not emotionally eat. No problem, right? ;-)
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  • LEB0401
    Don't feel bad about your roommate. BF & I are living in our roomie's family's house, and it's understood that at any moment we could have to move. When you don't sign a lease, you realize that you don't get to decide when to leave. If roomie came home today and said we had to be out in 2 weeks, we'd still remain just as good of friends as ever. If she freaks out, especially when you ask her to pay damages, then oh well... life goes on without her in it.
    1704 days ago
    OMGoodness! Lots going on for you! One thing I've learned since I've known you on Spark, once you set your mind to something, you accomplish it. So, even though it'll be a bit stressful, you will do it! You'll have that list wiped out in 123 days max! LOL

    Best to you Sara!
    1710 days ago
  • EUEK098
    It seems long and like it'll take forever, buy take it a day at a time, you can do it.
    1710 days ago
  • EUEK098
    It seems long and like it'll take forever, buy take it a day at a time, you can do it.
    1710 days ago
    Keep Calm
    Carry On
    1710 days ago
    Good luck getting everything accomplished! I hope your roommate doesn't give you too much trouble with moving out and paying for damages. That is the biggest reason I do not have a dog right now. We are renting and I can't deal with puppy damage right now!
    1711 days ago
    That's definitely a very full plate. I wish you much luck with all of it!! I bet when you talk to the roommate, it won't be as bad as you're expecting. She should understand if she's a reasonable person. emoticon
    1711 days ago
    Room mates ARE stressful. My man & I live with a room mate right now which we thought would help out financially but we are going crazy with stress because she is a closet alcoholic & makes a lot of scatter brained mistakes like not putting the lid on the beach bottle so it spills all over you & the floor when you open the cupboard under the sink, being OCD disinfecting EVERYTHING all the time but leaving canned foods in the fridge for later consumption, eating our food and forgetting to replace it then having her boyfriend over all the time who doesn't live there & still lives at home so she wont go over there aka not giving us a break.*rips hair out* We don't own the house but I completely understand the stress of having a room mate and how it can take a toll on your mental state at times.Thank goodness we're moving in May.
    You're strong & will get it all running smoothly soon enough.
    Good luck on writing your dissertation !
    1711 days ago
    You can do this. One step at a time. And yes, asking this room mate to leave and pay for the damages really should be one of the first steps. It will just weigh you down the longer you let it hang over your head.

    1711 days ago
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