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Nothing inspiring, I'm just sick

Monday, January 14, 2013

So this week the family has gotten sick, one person at a time. The daughter got sick on Sunday afternoon, the boys got sick on Tuesday and I got sick on Thursday. Now I have the luxury of being able to stay home while I'm sick, but I've gotten yelled at for calling my kids in sick all week without a doctor's permission (note) and my husband can only call in sick two days in a row without going to the doctor. Like we should need some proof we're sick enough to stay home? This is the problem with America, if you're sick you're supposed to stay home according to the news, but heaven forbid you actually get sick and use your health insurance so premiums go up to being even more unaffordable, but you need to have a doctor tell you what you already know, that you're sick, it's a virus and all you can do is stay home and wait it out.

Then, heaven forbid, you have to go out and pick up medication, so you get evil stares from people, even though or especially because you're wearing a mask to stop some of the spread.

I wish everyone had the luxury of staying home while sick, but if the husband did, we wouldn't be able to pay all our bills this month. Now I'll have the backlash of not bringing both kids to the doctor also. I kept them both home all week and "policy states" that I need one when I keep them home for more than 3 days or 10 days total. Oh no, so I tried to stop the flow of the flu, so sue me.

As soon as the kids are off on the bus today, I'm going back to bed...
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  • JAMER123
    I certainly understand about not going to the Dr. when one knows exactly what to do (stay home, drink lots of fluids, etc). Some Dr.s take phone calls and produce needed notes without a visit if they are familiar with you. The world is made up of all kinds of people and there are those that take sick days as soon as they have 8 hours in their "bank". They are used for pleasure or just for a day off. It is a "protection plan" for the employer. i would think with all the information on the media about staying home when sick would have employers turning people around to go back home. That would make a lot more sense as when one is ill, one isn't productive at work!!
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    1736 days ago
    I hope you and your family recover soon. I think it is ridiculous to require a doctor's note for a virus! At least my doctor will fax a note after a phone consultation -- I've been his patient for 20 years and he knows there is nothing he can do for a virus!
    1736 days ago
    It's not like the waiting rooms are exactly germ free either. We have a few people at work who have had the flu. One of the sickest has pneumonia and has not stayed home through the entire thing. Maybe, if he'd rested like your family he wouldn't have gotten so sick.
    1736 days ago
    I think most of us know our own bodies and our own children well enough to know when it's time to see a doctor. It is hard to know what to do. I've found that if I just go to bed and rest as soon as I don't feel well, I get better much quicker than if I try to keep up with work, etc.
    1736 days ago
  • KAREN608
    Foolish policies. Give me the old days when a parent was trusted to know when their kids were too sick to go to school! Not everyone can afford to go to a doctor. DUH. Be well as soon as you can.
    1736 days ago
    I've always wondered about policies like that. Some jobs like truckers often don't have sick days and they have to work through an illness or not get paid or in trouble for the load not getting there on time. School don't want your child to miss any school but they don't want them there when they are contagious and you need to have the extra expenses of the very things you mentioned. Sometimes we just need some common sense. emoticon
    1736 days ago
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    1736 days ago
  • CC3833
    Ugh I know what you mean. When you come in to work with a cough everyone wants you to stay home.... but how the hell are you going to pay your bills??? I feel the same way. There are a couple people at my job who hound me to go to the doctor and I refuse. What are they going to do for a virus? Take my money and tell me to wait it out and there isn't anything they or I can do except drink water and sleep it off...

    1736 days ago
  • DIANN111
    And they wonder why the flu spreads so quickly? I hope you all feel better soon.
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    1736 days ago
    It's ridiculous, isn't it? We wonder why we have such a horrible outbreak of the flu but our bosses and school administrators make it nearly impossible for people to stay home and recover (and keep from spreading it). There are so many people sick at work today it isn't even funny, yet I understand why they are here, they don't want to get the tongue lashing they will get if they stay home. So, they come in here, get absolutely nothing done, and share their illness with the entire office. UGH

    Feel better real soon!
    1736 days ago
    That's rough! I hope everyone feels better soon, and that you don't get too much flack from not spreading the germs by going to the doctor. emoticon
    1736 days ago
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