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I Just Don't Understand!

Monday, January 14, 2013

So after I posted that great uplifting Blog I decided to weigh myself Big Mistake! I haven't weighed myself since December 18th so I figured Yeah this will be great there will probably be lots of loss since than Wrong! So at 8am I step on my Body Fat Scale and I hear it beep and I look down thinking I'm gonna see 5lbs loss or 2 even Nada try 0.8 from last weigh in! I'm like huh in shock because I'm Working Out everyday Eating lots of Fruits & Veggies Drinking 64oz of Water everyday & I hated Water soo bad! So I'm thinking not a big loss on the Scale ok well retaking my Measurements will be even better but again I lost in dismay!
So heres the Comparison:
Dec 18, 2012
Neck 16"
R Arm 15"
Middle S 48"
Waist 51"
Hips 54"
R Leg 26"

Jan 14, 2013
Neck Same
R Arm 16" up 1"
Middle S Same
Waist 50" down 1"
Hips 56" up 2"
R Leg 27" up 1"

So I'm still in dismay I don't understand why there wasn't a huge loss! Maybe I should just be grateful that I didn't gain any weight but I'm just not! No lie I've been working soo hard & had hoped it just would be a better loss this time! I'm just soo sad right now! I'm thinking should I even keep working this hard! :(
I don't know if anyone has any advice or suggestions or any supportive words I'd appreciate it
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    You could be replacing fat with muscle or your body may be use to the routine. The good news is it is a loss. I do not know what your exercise routine is, but if possible switch it up/ keep the body guessing and avoid the temptation of eating below the low end of calorie limit, this will only cause your metabolic cycle to crash. Do not focus on those things that bother you, instead step back and determine the course you want to take to get back on the path to losing weight also weigh yourself weekly to determine if the course you set is leading to a lose.
    1887 days ago
    Hi everyone,
    I want to thank you all who responded to my Message on here! Sparkpeople is such a great place to get the support I need and I am very grateful for that! I have to admit I was very sad this morning I was thinking over and over again what did I do wrong to not have a huge loss from December 18th but I couldn't come up with anything! I saw some people ask if i track my food the Answer is Yes everyday on Sparkpeople and do I measure my food I sure do! So I was doing that right and I am drinking 64 oz of Water every day and before I only would drink Water when I worked out which before was only 120 minutes a week which was 2 days and now I am working out everyday! I am getting more muscular and I can see that so maybe thats why the leg and arm went up an inch this time! On another note I am doing alot of good things I'm eating more vegetables and fruits! I already got to 1,000 Fitness Minutes and it was only the 2nd week of January so that in itself is a lot of Progress than before! I really still can't pinpoint it but either way I have decided to stay focused and get though this January Challenge and eventually I am hoping the weight will stop fighting me and fall off like rain I know just being funny but seriously I do hope it will just fall off soon! I know I was sad this morning but I still finished my 48 minutes of Cardio and also did Coach Nicole Pilates Workout this evening! So I have decided that even if the scale won't be my friend right now fine I will still carry on and work even harder! Again I made a resolution and I'm going to finish what i started even if it kills me I will continue on and again all of you who responded are wonderful and I appreciate everything you wrote!
    Thanks again I can't say it enough! emoticon emoticon
    1887 days ago
    I would go with the theory that it just isn't showing yet. You are doing all the right things and I know how frustrating not seeing change can be. But you need all the kudos in the world for making the right choices. Eventually your body will show it in more MACRO ways - but I bet you FEEL better already?
    1887 days ago
    Don't give up. You are not alone!!!! I worked out more last week that I have done in a long time and tracked my food all week. I too weighed in expecting good results (even if it was just a little losee) for all of my hard work only to have my scale record that I had gained weight and have now registered a new highest weight ever. Very frustrating!!!!!

    I will beat the scale!

    As far as your measurements, maybe you just measured a little differently this time. Don't worry, you will succeed as long as you keep trying.

    1887 days ago
    Are you tracking your food here on Spark? I can only lose when I'm tracking food. It sucks but that's how it works for me.
    1887 days ago

    you could be eating the wrong food for your body chemistry. i had to give up grain products to loose weight.
    1887 days ago
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