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Sunday, January 13, 2013

I was thinking today, why I would want to blog; I mean other than the obvious about sharing your weight and getting encouragement to keep going. I mean the irony of myself having to lose 175 pounds, yet here I can sit and write, hopefully inspire, hopefully encourage, and hopefully make a dang bit of sense. I thought, what right do I have to sit here and offer my wisdom out to the world.

Then I thought today of all the skinny people in the world. The ones who have told us just eat less, just work out more. Those who have always been a part of the "beautiful people club". The people who have never experienced the failure that many of us feel. Not only do these people have no idea what it is like to be fat, they have no idea what it is like to to experience the triumphs and success of seeing that scale tipping in the right direction. What right do they have to tell us how we are going to achieve our successes? They have no idea!!!

Then I thought about doctors and scientists. I can't discredit that they have more hard facts than most of us, and certainly me. However, for everything one doctor says, someone else says something different. Dr. Atkins had patients with breakthrough results, losing astonishing weight, lowering cholesterol, and having people actually have the ability to give up medications they've been on for their whole life. However, other doctors have talked about the horrible damage the Atkins diet has done to people. One of my family friends actually got severely sick from this diet. I did this diet, and the weight practically melted off, and I saw no side effects, other than how quickly the weight came back to me, after I was done. One tells you carbs are evil, another tells you to go an an all carb diet. Fasting is a key part to some diets. The problem with hard facts, and doctors, and scientists, is that there is no black and white answer to getting skinny. Every person has a different way that works for them mentally and physically. There is no question that there are some DANGEROUS ways to lose weight, but just looking through this website, you can see that everyone of us has a different approach to weight loss that fits our lifestyle and ourselves.

I'm not saying my blog is better than any of the previously mentioned people's blogs, books, or articles. I think what Sparkpeople does, that very few other places do, is they bring you an unbiased look at weight loss. Here's this articles, here's that articles, here is a blog from someone who lost a hundred pounds, and here is a blog from someone on day 3. You can use whatever information you want, and apply it to your diet, and no one has the right to tell you your wrong. I check every day for tips and tricks that can help me, and I hope I can pass my own tricks and tips on to someone else that might be struggling. Perhaps someone will see an integral flaw in what I am doing and not seeing, and perhaps I can make an insight into someone else's lifestyle change.

To get back to my original tangent, what right do I have to right this blog? I am living it, breathing it, doing it. I will push myself until I succeed. I might fall along the way, I might let myself even think I am going to quit, but eventually, I will start again. Writing this blog is not just a tool for me to track myself, it is a tool to help motivate myself and anyone what wants to be motivated by me. My techniques might not work for you. I never claimed to be a guru, a doctor, or someone that really knows how to be skinny. I know what thoughts cross my mind when I look at that scale first thing in the morning. I know what its like to go clothes shopping by yourself because you don't want someone to know your pant size. I know what its like to walk into a store where NOTHING fits you, and that gives me just as much right as anyone to help fight this battle!

And the same applies to anyone else out there. If your are on this website, you have already started the battle. Its a battle that will never really be finished for us, but we will succeed, each day, each week, each month, we have to succeed, because we wouldn't be on this website if we didn't know we needed to make a change. And eventually, it hopefully won't seem like such a battle, but constant vigilance is the only way we can truly be successful!!!
Anyone that wants to help me along the way is welcome to be my friend. Anyone that wants to help me, is welcome to make comments and be my friends. Anyone thinks that they are going to stop this brick house from rolling forward, you probably shouldn't be on this website. And with that, I hope you all have a good night!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • CATE2013
    Wow...very well said...you inspire me to do better. Thanks!
    1886 days ago
    Most of us here are in the same place you are - so when we say it, it has more (I hope!) credence than when you read / hear from the "thin beautiful people."
    1890 days ago
    Welcome aboard. Keep focused for success. You can do it. Go for it.
    1890 days ago
    Welcome to the spark circus!

    What gives you the right to blog is that you're here at all. Taking that step is all the credentials you need to ask/challenge/inform/etc. Me, I just blog for the fun of seeing myself blather on, but hey, if there's a chance it might amuse, or inspire, or provoke a response to a question I have (and there's a chance at all three), I'm just going to keep doing it. If you've got something useful/inspiring/whatever to share, more power to you!

    Look forward to seeing what you have to say.
    1890 days ago
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