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Sunday, January 13, 2013

In a recent blog I expressed that my initial goal of 180 lbs is no longer my goal, that i just want to be under 200 lbs. That is partially true. But I think I was disillusioned with what I STILL really look like. When I wear clothes, I look nice and trim. Fine. When I had to put on a sports bra and tight ass biker shorts and take 6 body pics for Day 1 of P90X, I realized I still have a long ways to go. I looked at these pics (and no I will not share them) and thought, "Dang, I STILL look like that?" Now I am not all depressed and down about it. I just know that my journey is far from over and maintenance is farther of than I thought two days ago. HOWEVER, looking at the pictures I also recalled where I was in May of last year and I looked at the girl in the camera and said, "You are going to be amazing!"

Day 1 of P90X was good. I would tell you how many calories I burned but the bodybugg page isnt available for me to download my numbers. Derrell did it with me AFTER he came from doing a two and a half hour workout at the Airforce base. THAT is support ladies and gentlemen.

P90X pushes you, but it isnt as hard as I thought it was. I got through every exercise and took no breaks and missed no sets or reps. I was panting here and there and took a sip of water twice. It was good to do it with Derrell because we encouraged each other throughout it when either was falling out of form or was speeding up their breathing. I intend to do the ab workout in the morning before work. Anywho, back to The Golden Globes. Adios Amigos!
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    My Shero rises again --- P90X!!! you go gurl. Aww that's sweet...I love seeing couples workout together and actually get along with each other doing so. Being tall is a plus when it comes to carrying the weight around, people have no idea how much you way and when you wear the right clothes you can camoflouge a lot emoticon but when you get undressed ....well
    1887 days ago
  • LISAN0415
    I am the same way. In clothes, I feel pretty good, then I look in the mirror sans clothes, and I see the work I need to do.

    I also know that an extra 5 lbs of fat abover a healthy BMI range is stress on my heart (it has to pump blood for those cells too) and stress on my pancreas and stress on all my joints (hips, kness, back...)

    So It's important for me to continue my journey and keep a realistic goal, and a goal that may be a little challenging.

    I am so happy for how far we've come, and I know we can reach our goals, whatever they may be!

    1887 days ago
  • DLG0505
    I think you have done an awesome job with your weight loss. You should be very proud of yourself. You have kept moving forward and have such a positive attitude!

    I admire that you took pictures of yourself in a sports bra and those shorts! I admire that. When I watch the Biggest Loser that's one of the things that I admire about the ladies on the team - they get up there in just the sports bra and shorts and all the world are looking at them. If you can do that you can do anything in my opinion!

    You keep going! I wouldn't even begin to think about doing P90 - LOL I'd need to start off with like a P10 or something. Just you wait and see - soon you'll be rocking those bike shorts!
    1888 days ago
  • EUEK098
    P90x will definitely help with definition, what schedule are you following?
    1888 days ago
  • SPARKLE1908
    emoticon emoticon
    1888 days ago
    You know what.... emoticon & as long as you emoticon you're going to reach your goals emoticon Please don't be so hard on yourself! You are beautiful and let's be honest...are we ever truly happy with our bodies? I know when I was 160lbs I thought I was fat...when i was 190 lbs I thought I was fat and now that I'm 232 lbs I know that I'm fat...but I"m sitting here wishing I looked like the 160lbs woman that use to stare back at point happy with your progress...stop looking at the thorn and appreciate the beauty of the rose!!! emoticon
    1888 days ago
  • KNH771
    I love P90X! Except the yoga. Hate the yoga. But love Tony! How do you like the ab ripper?
    1888 days ago
    Get it girl!
    1889 days ago
    You rock! p90X? Woot Woot!
    1889 days ago
    Woowee! P90x?? You rock! I always get sucked into watching the infomercial. I want it so bad. But, I have realized, as I got older, I have no rhythm or coordination. LOL!!
    1889 days ago
    1889 days ago
    I think if any of us put on tight biker shorts and a sports bra -- we'd all think about how weird we looked. I don't care how skinny you are -- unless you have 5% body fat, you're gonna look a little bit like a sausage. Stay focused and I'm a little jealous of the "P90X pushes you, but it isnt as hard as I thought it was" -- I was DYYYYYING!
    1889 days ago
  • DONNA5281
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1889 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1889 days ago
    The pictures you took now are gonna be just a frame in your overall progress picture. Just remember that your current weight is the goal weight for many dear SparkFriends. You look amazing and you should remember that every pound you lose is a victory for your mind, body and soul.

    emoticon emoticon
    1889 days ago
    1889 days ago
    emoticon on the exercise. However, the tight biker shorts don't look all that great on MOST people that I've seen. (You've obviously never seen a middle aged woman in biker shorts and a sports bra. Saggy skin and everything going south...not a pretty sight. emoticon ) Those shorts squeeze everything up and out or down and out. I'm glad you are motivated, but you are BEAUTIFUL and don't let a pair of shorts and a sports bra make you think differently. emoticon
    1889 days ago
    You had the guts to put on the sports bra and tight-ass biker shorts -- that definitely counts for something.
    1889 days ago
    So this is the problem....stop looking back...only look forward ! The only time you look back is to see how far you have come along...Non scale victories...this is where the jar comes in handy. Am sure you have made progress, you just can't see it yet, through your foggy glasses! Hehehe.

    I know for me...I personally only noticed at 50lbs even though others were noticing way before. So stay focussed on your goal and don't look at how far away it is, just keep moving, keep on moving!
    1889 days ago
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