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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fast day today: went to grocery store for milk, back home to pack car up to the roof with DD stuffed animals to take to dads house to wash and dry,, they are musty smelling from our basement when it got wet. We spent about seven hours there and filled three big stretchy trash bags, still have a huge big box to wash and dry next trip.. I made good use of the wait time and washed a few sinkfuls of parents knick knacks to sell, filled more boxes of things to sell, put them on patio, tossed old junk they had there. I found three more hammers today, in various places,, oy vey!!!

Just sitting in a chair, a person can go through a drawer and fill bags or boxes with their junk!!! For this sale, I am only gleaning out non valuable things that they collected over the years , like four pairs of boots that mom bought,, never wore three pair.. a ten inch deep drawer of PLAYING CARDS, bags of BAGS, plastic, paper,etc,, twenty boxes of latex gloves, three holsters, eleven umbrellas, five vacuum sweepers.

Styrofoam coolers, beer cases from old long neck beer bottles, five cases of the old Hefty brand bubble wrap"alligator" storage bags...etc..
As far as going through moms clothes, I estimate at least two hundred tops of various types, shoes, purses, coats, but try to find a flashlight that works,, I had to go buy one...
seven telephones in boxes,etc..on and on...

One advantage of all this stuff under one roof is that it makes me want to clear my stuff out so I do not have to go through this later, ,,

I dread the estate sale we will have when mom dies,, the house will still have twice the things I already have in my home!! After we take this much out!!!!!
I feel good that somebody will get good use out of this stuff.. It would take me another year to clear everything out if I quit my job to do it!! They were not even hoarder material yet!! This is just packed in places nobody could see,,until...
nest weekend I may stay overnight again to pack more things up,, continue washing the animals,,etc.

BTW, I hear that saying all the time, ,go ahead and use it,, nobody has a patent on cleaning..
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