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Attitude is Everything - Part III: Tools

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hey Everyone,


I wanted to share with you some of the tools I use to be a POSITIVE person and to combat negativity in my life. Choose what works for you and share with me anything you have found that works. I'm always looking for feedback.

1. Eliminate negative language from your vocabulary. Stop swearing, stop any sarcastic remarks and look for something POSITIVE to say. Remember the old adage: If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.

2. Take care in your tone of voice. Negativity not only comes from what we say but from our tone of voice. Eliminate a harsh "tone" from your voice. If you must criticize do it with a soft tone.

3. Remove yourself from a negative atmosphere. Simply don't participate in negative activities.

4. Correct negative behavior (this is one of my favorites). If you see someone yelling at someone else or belittling them, step in and correct the behavior. This works especially well with children. In a soft voice, be calm, be firm and stop the negativity. Don't accept negative behavior from anyone.

5. Delete bad habits one at a time. Make a list of behavior traits you want to correct. They could be anything from smoking or biting your nails to being rude or yelling at people. One of mine was interrupting people when they were talking because something popped into my head. (I'm still working on this one)

6. Use POSITIVE OR MOTIVATIONAL words and phrases when talking with people. Most people respond better, psychologically, when statements are made using positive references.

7. Praise often and do it in public. If someone is doing a good job or showing improvement let them know it. It doesn't have to be lavish, just noticable.

8. Acknowlege every person you meet. I use a 10-foot rule. I greet every person I come within 10 feet of with a warm smile and a cheerful hello. Be GENUINE. You will be amazed at what this simple act will do for your reputation.

9. Follow a greeting with SINCERE praise. "Hello, that's a good looking tie." "Nice to see you. You look very happy today."

10. Be kind to everyone you interact with every day.

11. Convert or cut them loose. This can be the hardest tool to use because it deals with people in your life. CONVERT is to help those around you change their attitudes into more positive ones. This can take a lot of time and energy on your part sometimes. Other times it just takes a kind word in private to turn someone around. If the person is someone you have to deal with every day because they are family or work related, keep at it. Eventually some of your positive attitude will rub off on them.

The other part, CUT THEM LOOSE can be even more difficult. As a positive person it is hard for us to give up on people. We want to help them. But some people you just can't help. Those are the people you want to remove from your life or at least reduce your exposure to them.

12. Be a role model. Lead by example. Be the sunshine in everyone's life. BE POSITIVE.

There are so many tools, but you get the idea. Create some of your own. Once you start using these, achievement will come much easier to you because you will have INTERNALIZED a positive you.

Until next time, JUICE to YOU!

Jonny Mac
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    This is a great list. One other thing I do is to watch what i say to myself and not let my self get too disappointed when things turn out different than I expect. I could come up with all kinds of negative labels, but I usually choose to respond by calling them "bummers" ... What's ever it was doesn't sound as bad when I think of the sun kissed surfers from whom I learned the expression. also, notice above, i i could have used the words "things don't go my way" instead of using the word "different". If I label a situation as not going my way, I have closed myself to the possibility of learning. When I call it different, I can still get something out of it because there are still different possibilities. ..

    I hope that made some sense, it is tough to type on the ipad...
    1861 days ago
  • SAILOR64
    Hey Everyone,

    If you want to print this, please feel free to do so.

    But, it's more important to put these tools to use in your everyday life. Take a chance, try some today.

    Jonny Mac
    1864 days ago
    This is one of the best blogs I've ever seen -- I hope you don't mind if I print it out so I can keep it where I see it all the time! What a different world we would be living in if more of us could work on these goals... of course, few of us will be able to be this good ALL the time, but just working on it will be a big improvement in most of us. I so often see a stressed-out mother shopping with an unruly child and want to say something encouraging or helpful, but am always afraid that I'll only be making things worse somehow... but you're absolutely right, we should take the chance of rejection, and if we can make a difference to even one person over time it would be worthwhile.

    1864 days ago
    Great blog! If we are positive with others we feel better as well, everyone wins. emoticon
    1864 days ago
    That is great. It pays to have a positive attitude.
    Keep up the positive attitude.
    Best regards.
    1864 days ago
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