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Sunday, January 13, 2013

What I am looking for is to lose around 13kg (bring me to 58kg). I know that I can reach this weight. Weight is the easiest thing to measure, though ideally I want to go down to a size 8/10 jean size. I also really just want to tone up; I don’t want that muffin top or the stomach or the large thighs. I’m only 21, I should be at peak fitness and in great shape, instead I’ve let things go, been too lax with what and how much I eat and have slowly put on the pounds till last winter 2012 I weighed 12st7lbs, I couldn't believe it! I was shocked...I think most people feel that way when they notice their weight had increased so much more.
At present however I weigh 11st3lbs and I still need to lose another 2st1lb, to get to my ideal weight! At the moment this weight loss aim isn't just for my own feel good factor, but also for health reasons. It’s a bit of an intimidating task, just over 2stone…that is a lot. This is a long term project and I want to emphasize that it is impossible to lose so much weight healthily and long term if you rush a weight loss program (plus I haven't managed to stick to nay fad diets long enough to see them work!) Your body needs to adjust to a new way of eating, I plan to teach my body to stop eating once I’m full, at present I have no off button when it comes to food. Also if you want a nice healthy body after losing so much weight, better to do it slowly so skin does not sag, but also exercise so that you have that sexy, toned body once the fat has disappeared.
So my nice little fact file:
Height – 5ft7in
Start Weight – 11st3lbs
Aim for end Weight – 9st2lbs
I knew I needed to lose weight...but it wasn't till my boyfriend gently and kindly told me that I really needed to lose some weight, that I was mortified that I had sacrificed my own image and health, for the sake of crap. I like eating...but I must admit at times I took it to an unnecessary level.
I think a blog will help me focus, and I am lucky to be surrounded by people that want to help me feel better about myself :D! So I will start blogging, sometimes about meals, other days it may just be a way to let of steam or share something good that's happened :)
Good luck to you all, and I am hoping that for once I will manage to stay focused and on track :D!
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