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List of what every sparker needs

Sunday, January 13, 2013

A&I team assignment: Create a definitive list of what every sparker needs.

Personality Wise:
1-Honesty. You have to be honest with yourself and others about this journey if success is in your plans.

2- Respect. A sparker needs to respect themselves and their body. No crazy diets. No drastic measures. Doing right by your body by nourishing it when necessary & moving around=respecting your body!

3-Acceptance. You have to accept where you are at now, things that may be out of your control, and you have to accept that everyone is different & things may not always go according to plan even if you are doing everything you're suppose to.

4. Patience- Change takes time. Your body isn't living by your schedule. Things will happen when they happen. Don't give up because your mind is impatient!

5. Ambition. Ambitious people get things done. They don't give up. Those two words aren't in their vocabulary and they don't know what giving up means. They just keep pushing because they know that it will pay off.

6-An encouraging nature. Sparkers need to support each other while they are on the road to change and fighting battles. Support keeps people going. :)

7.-A willingness to share the good & the bad. A lot of people only focus on the positive. Change has ups and downs. In my eyes, people who share ups and downs are being honest. In my opinion, people who share the battles and the victories are the most inspiring. Not the people who only focus on the positive. This journey is full of emotion. It's not a one way street. Optimism is still a good quality though.

8- Optimism. It's fine to feel discouraged or angry at times but you can't forget to give yourself credit for the positive steps you take and the small successes. You will have ups & downs. Optimism is about hope. Pessimism doesn't cut it when you have goals to reach.

9-An open mind. A sparker needs to be willing to try new things & step out of their comfort zone. You could develop a passion for zumba or fall in love with a strange recipe.

10- Flexible. A sparker needs to have a willingness to change their plans or change up their routine. Your body doesn't always respond to the same things so having wiggle room to change things up from time to time is always a good idea.

Physical objects
1- A food scale & Measuring cups. You can not track your food accurately if you don't measure it accurately. This is a staple for any sparker.

2- Water bottles. Having water readily on hand will definitely help keep you hydrated & prepared for a quick workout.

3-A calendar, vision board of some form of motivation. A calendar to place stickers on when you reach a goal or to mark down fitness minutes in. A vision board that serves as a reminder of your goals and encourages you to keep going.

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