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New Weightloss Adventure - Curves Complete

Saturday, January 12, 2013

I have been going to Curves for exercise for several years now and have found it fun and of great value ion increasing my strength, flexibility, mobility and stamina.

A week or so ago I decided to try Curves Complete - which is an optional program they run in conjunction with Curves - which gives you a food plan, exercise plan and motivation with weekly one on one meetings with a trained councillor.

Its structured so that on the first meeting you are weighed and measured and introduced to the program which they can print off – but I chose to do online
I went away, studied the program and from the guidelines and large selection of choices, free foods and exchanges, compiled a menu for week 1 that suited my DH and me.
Then a second meeting was scheduled in a couple of days from the first to check my chosen menu

Week 1 is round 1200cal to jump start the metabolism and get you going – apparently its possible top lose up to 1 kg (2.2lb ) in that week – we will see but this will depend on what you have been eating before starting the diet!!
After the first week the allowance is 1500cal with 3 sessions at Curves, and 30 min exercise (movement) each day.
My overall goal is to lose 28 – 30 kg in a year – but that breaks down to 500g (1.1lb) a week -
I am posting my diary in the Curves Limited Mobility Divas Team – but I have repeated day 1 and 2 here

Today - 11/01/13 - I am starting Curves Complete
I actually have been doing Curves Smart for a couple + years - and last Tuesday got the Curves Complete program.
Today is wk 1 - Day 1 - weigh and measure - before photo - and check diet plan personal changes with counselor.
I had been controling my food for ages anyway - but everyone had told me that week 1 is very hard - its meant to prepare you for the rest of the plan - but I definately think there is enough food - using the free veg as well - I suppose it depends how much people had been eating before.
Wk 1 - has 1200 cal average - but wk 2 onwards is 1500 cal.
Having applied my own changes using their guidelines (and I should add that there are heaps of changes that can be made and heaps of free veg to fill up on too - so personal preferences are covered) I am off shopping and to my meeting.
My menu today -
Breakfast - egg on muffin +free foods
Lunch - fried chicken with free foods
Tea - Salmon asian flavour - with free foods
and 2 snacks are also planned

Ok - so day 1 was both frustrating and great
Was weighed and measured by the counselor - 112.4kg (approx 247.28 lb) in clothes!!
I went shopping to get the fruits and veg that I wanted - and because of the heat had a very poor choice so ended up having to substitute many on my original list!!
I found there was a lot of hassle in the cooking of both dishes - but they tasted great and DH really enjoyed them - the Asian Salmon is very high in salt though even with salt reduced soy. I will be using half water halk soy in future - the taste won't chane - the sodium content will drop!!
The other comment we had was that there is if anything too much food - I'll cut down the recipes in future.

Day 2
Breakfast - cottage cheese and pineapple
Lunch - Fish with mango selsa
Tea - Chicken salad
+ 2 snacks are planned

If you are from Northern hemisphere remember we are in our summer so the salads are my choice - but there are lots of "winter type" dishes available too

Day 2 went well - but I have to cut down the amount of food a lot, this is probably to do with the fact we are having a heat wave here and today is the 5th day we are over 100F - this means I am limited in my exercise as I am not able to be energetic in this heat. Its forecast to drop in 2 days time and then rise again in 3 days!! Obviously one of those years!! But we all know that LIFE can get in the way - and I refuse to let it sway me from my goal
I have planned salads and things needing minimal cooking - and sure am getting enough water to drink!!! I am drinking ALL the time!!
So day 3 breakfast – Spinach and swiss cheese omelette
lunch - Fish with mango avocado salsa (the same as yesterday – too use the avocado and mango)
Tea – Salad Nicoise
and two snacks - one of which is - Smoked salmon on cucumber spread with cream cheese - but please know that I love Smoked salmon so I chose this - there are lots of cheaper choices.

Basic reaction - its a good and easy to follow diet plan - has heaps of changes, and exchanges that would cover any likes, alergies etc and I particularly like that it can be fitted into any financial situation - its not necessary to buy foods that are expensive or out of season - you plan it according to your situation, and can plan repeat dishes to use cans of food or other things you have to buy in prepacks.
I have chosen the option to cook at home - but there are lots of other options including frozen meals - and take out. I also asked for and got 2 - 3 fruits a day as well as veges!!.

On the down side some choices are low in fibre so you need a suppliment - psyllium or similar are good and can be added easily - and it has a tendency to be high in salt (sodium)- so you need to keep to "no added salt" products wherever possible!!

If you want to follow my progress and see if it actually works - please join – Curves Limited Mobility Divas Team - and I would love your support - please.


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