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Week 1 and good bye to 5 pounds

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Well, I lost 5 pounds this week but the truth be told,,, it probably had a lot to do with all the holiday weight that I gained .... and all the baking and candy making,,,, you know,,, can't let any morsel go to waste! LOL So I am obese (I hate that word) so some of the weight loss may be water,,,,,, nevertheless,,, I will take it. The first week is always the easiest ,,, it is the motivation and determination to continue........ but I am holding on to this and looking forward to a healthier me!

This week,,,,
1) I drank lots of water,,,,,
2) logged in my food 3 days,,,, yes,,, I know,,, I have to aim for at least 6
3) ate lots of veggies with each meal
4) exercised 3 times this week,,, aiming for 5
5) changed my midnight snack from buttered popcorn, potato chips & corn chips to celery bits and cucumbers,,, and yes,,, even jicama ....... and if all else failed,,, I drank some hot tea
6) Did not get the amount of sleep that I should,,, will work on that this second week.
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