I Wasn't Going to Do It...

Saturday, January 12, 2013

....I really wasn't. I peaked out the window to see what the weather was doing, thinking I should take a walk. Not really expecting to. I put on some socks and shoes thinking I'll just go that far at least. But probably not get out the door. Grabbed my coat and gloves in the kitchen. Put them on without even thinking, cause they where in my hands. Walked through the dining room and gazed at the computer opened on SP. I could start doing a couple of SP videos. Ten minute cardio, my Jumpstart January video, maybe some stretching. And than before I knew it I was out the door, down the driveway and heading across the highway to Liscombe Rd. Well, since I am here I figured I would push for a certain place in the road that I knew was 15 minutes away and then head back. A good half hour walk. So, just as I am PASSING that spot I think, maybe a little jog. Not far cause I haven't run in 100 years but just a little ways. Count 100 steps. Stop and walk. So then I am thinking that I could walk for 500 steps and run for 100. Do this three times and I can turn around and go back. I get to the end of the third running spurt and look down to the end of the road. It's so close! But then evil me says "You know, your just going to have to go all the way back again." I kept going. I stopped listening to evil me awhile ago. I tried one more running spurt, got to the end of the road, turned around and headed back. Ok, so I think I've reached my running limit. That's ok. I'll just walk it out. Add in some different steps to try and use some different muscles. Do some arm exercises. Neighbors think I'm nuts, but I don't know them so no big deal. Check the time as I get to the door again. Darn....only 58 minutes! Add some squats and stretches and its 60 minutes door to door.

Honestly, I really didn't intend to do any of it. BUT I am so glad I did. It feels great. I feel great. Lunch tasted fantastic. My mind is clear. Heart is a pumping. Color is good. Couldn't be better.

Well, maybe just a short...little...nap!!
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