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Friday, January 11, 2013

So, I read the directions for assembling my new rower, and they seemed pretty straight forward until... I tried setting it up. ULP! I am reminded why I majored in a Liberal Arts degree in college. lol!! I ended up calling my older brother and asking for assistance. He says that instruction manuals like that are written by nerds as revenge on the jocks for being tormented in High School. I believe it. He did get it assembled (and brought me pumpkin pie that he baked this evening), and I put in 20 minutes on it after I walked the dog for his last walk of the night. I didn't try to set any speed records, just tried it out and experimented with arm positions. It was another busy day for me on the fitness front... I walked 9.7 miles (Cooper walked 8.2 miles of that with me), did the challenge video, plus an extra one, 100 jumping jacks (still can't do them all at once), and went to the gym, where I ran 3.6 miles, pedaled 3.7 miles, did mostly core and upper body ST (that new ST workout the PT gave me kills me every time), ball exercises with 12# weights, and about 10 minutes of stretching (especially my hamstrings and quads).

I didn't track my food until after dinner, at which point I had only eaten half of my calories for the day! Uh oh!! Decided to have a big green salad with feta, walnuts and croutons, but not a lot of dressing. Plus the pumpkin pie my brother brought me. I will have another light snack in a short while, before I sit down to read for a bit. Then it is off to bed, where I will probably sleep like a log!

Tomorrow I am doing my usual Saturday routine of Farmer's Market, lunch with my parents, visiting, then home to walk the dog. As an added event tomorrow I am going to an "ethnic potluck" being held in the commons room of my apartment building. I don't usually attend events in my building, but the woman who is organizing it specifically asked me to come. I have hard time saying no to someone's face. I will just have to assert more self control than I did last weekend. (Not that last Saturday's overindulgence had much of an effect from what I could tell.) Wish me luck at the potluck!
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