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Friday, January 11, 2013

I've been SUPER busy!! Yes, I've logged onto SP every day, but only to record my fitness minutes, I haven't even spun the wheel for my daily points!! I feel like such a slacker :(

But the past month - it's been a blur FULL of studying. That pretty much sums it up. Study, study, study. Buy a house (!!!), study, study, graduate, study, study, etc. You get the idea. I cannot WAIT to finish studying! How it works: we study non stop, apply to take the boards (through the ASCP - American Society for Clinical Pathology), and get a letter in the mail with a code. That code is what we use to call the testing center to schedule our test time. Well, normally people graduate and take the boards within the next 1 or 2 days. Well, NEITHER of us have received our letter yet, therefore, we can't call the testing center to schedule our test!! We called the ASCP last Thursday, and they said they would mail our letters the following day. Well, that was a week ago. They lied. I know it's called "snail mail" for a reason, but it does not take a week for something to get mailed from Illinois to North Carolina. So annoying!! So as soon as I get that letter, I'm going to finally schedule the boards, but of course, this is based solely on the availability of the testing center. Granted, this time of year is not a big standardized test time, so scheduling shouldn't be a huge problem, but I just want to be done!! I want to have a life!! I MISS having a life!!

And yes, mixed in there - I bought a house!! The house inspection was today and went really well. The only concern is the HVAC unit. It works, but it needs to be cleaned and is probably as old as the house (40 years - these were built to last since it's controlled by the HOA), so I'm going to ask the seller to pay for a professional HVAC inspection. Other than that, I'm SO excited!

And I can't wait to start my job in just over a week!! I want a vacation, but that can only happen once this test is over! BLAH!!!

As far as my weight, I've been maintaining between 145-150 for the past 2-3 months. I'm pretty much ok with that. I can eat whatever I want and maintain? I'll take it! But I'm sick of maintaining! With the start of BLC21 next week (and the boards being over by then), I'm going to refocus on my lifestyle change. It's going to get back to ST and back to limiting my chocolate addiction.

My running? Going VERY well. I did 4.5 miles on Wednesday at 6.5 mph (a 9:13 min mile!!), but could BARELY manage a 21 min run at that same speed this morning! I think it's because I pulled a muscle in my butt - maybe both sides!! It's quite painful. How do you stretch that gluteus maximus??

I miss doing yoga - especially after my runs (I do yoga for runners), but I haven't had time! Yes, I know that's the worst excuse in the book, but here has been my day for the past 2 weeks:
Wake up (whenever my body says so. Anywhere from 6:30-8:30)
Gym (varies between 35 minutes and an hour, depending on my intensity level)
Lunch/30 minute break
Gym (just bike for 30 min or so to get rid of pent up energy from sitting there and studying all day)
Bed (no later than 10:30)

Then repeat. I'm getting sick of it!! There is SOME variation in there. For example, today was the house inspection. There is also getting stuff done for the loan that I'm getting and so on. It's all lots of studying and simply taking 45 minutes out of that to do yoga isn't the best use of my time. But as SOON as I take the boards, it's on. No more studying = lots of gym time/yoga/ST. I can't WAIT!!

I hope all of you have been well and I'm so grateful that you have continued to like my fitness minute updates even though I haven't been checking in on how YOU have been doing. But as soon as tis test is over, it's going to be on. I'll be able to read all your blogs and comment and whatnot. As I said, I can't wait to have a life again.

But for now (until I'm done studying) - good luck on reaching all of your goals, you'll do great!! I'll be back on full time by the end of Monday (hopefully!! I just have to get that letter in the mail tomorrow!! If I don't, the ASCP will be getting a phone call on Monday!).
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    BEST WISHES on your boards, today!! I have a quick little yoga practice that is basically just a repeated, modified sun salutation.

    emoticon Mountain, high mountain (upward salute), standing fwd bend, downward dog, plank, push-up (chaturanga), upward down, downward dog, plank, push-up (chaturanga), upward down, downward dog, plank, push-up (chaturanga), upward down, downward dog, etc., eventually ending w/downward dog, standing fwd bend, high mountain, mountain.

    While, it is not the most "relaxing" little session, I like it b/c I can do as many as possible to exhaustion or in my "available" time. I try to really focus on my breathing (starting w/4 count/pose breaths, moving to 2 count, and then back to 4 count), which tends to center me. It definitely gets my heart pumping and is good for strengthening!! It's definitely not a "FULL" practice, but it works wonders for me when my time is limited!! :)
    1893 days ago
    emoticon whoa! talk about a lot of studyin!!! I'm sure it will pay off though!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon It'll be time for a bit of a party then! ;) Glad to hear you've still been rockin' that treadmill! Great work on the running! And hey, its great you've been able to maintain so long worries, you'll get back into things, and get back into more fitness once you're able. Right now you're prioritzing and just doing life. You're still getting you're exercise in which is great! So keep on sweating...and congrats on the house!!!! Super exciting :)
    1895 days ago
    1895 days ago
    Wow, you have been busy! Hang in there!

    1895 days ago
    Good to see you back! Congrats on the house! I'm still in BLC, but on a different team.
    1896 days ago
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