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1/11/13: I. Hate. Snow. (But I Love Free Stuff)

Friday, January 11, 2013

I've been gone from my apartment for a month. Sister's boyfriend still lived in it, but he only does grocery shopping for himself, and then eats all of our food anyway, so basically, I'm looking at a fridge with expired milk (well, it's actually still good! I love Costco milk because it seems to spoil slowly when you don't use it), no fresh fruits or veggies, no healthy breads... I can make bread I suppose, as I have flour, water, yeast, leavening powder, salt, etc... but I do have protein powder and yogurt! But my point is- I don't really have a lot of food, and I pretty much thrive off of whole-grain slim bread and fresh fruit (in addition to protein shakes), but it's so snowy and gross that I'm scared to get on the roads.

Tomorrow I have to, to go pick up my honey from the airport and take him back to his dorm and then go out to early dinner at our gyro shop. I was talking to a friend last night- one of my oldest best friends. He is a bit unconventional in everything he does, but he's also one of the sweetest and most good-hearted people I know. We were talking about Rob and how happy he is to see me with somebody who truly allows me to blossom, and you know, I am lucky. Rob has been an amazing support, and honestly, I think he is perfect for me.

When I say perfect, it isn't the kind of perfect most people think of. I draw a distinction between perfect and ideal. Is my honey the "ideal" man? Oh heavens no! He gets jealous really easily, is quick to anger at times, gets insecure, doesn't yet realize that I prefer him to be totally honest with me about everything instead of avoiding potentially painful subjects until the last minute... But no, none of that takes away from his perfection. He's perfect for me not in the way that he has no flaws, but in the way that everything he does, everything he is, inspires me to learn and to grow and to be my best self. I get all teary-eyed thinking about it!

Okay, anyway.

So since I got my iPhone (i have a great momma!), I've been doing more coupon things and rewards points stuff. One of my programs I have is called CheckPoints. I'm really excited about this, so I'm talking about it, but this is NOT a sales pitch I sweat- though actually, if you have a smartphone, I can send you a link that gets you free points when you sign up- and basically, you tape "check in" whenever you are at a store to get 2 pts, and then you scan barcodes of featured products (no buying necessary!) and you get 10-20 points for that, and it works at pretty much any major grocery store. But you can also get bonus coins for downloading apps, or you get one each time you scan an item, etc, and anyway, I was bored yesterday, so I downloaded a few programs and signed up for newsletters and stuff (I have a throw-away email account lol), and anyway, the bonus coins are used for a slot machine or scratch ticket (on the app lol) and you can win 20-150,00 pts. Well, you typically win a 20 or 50 pt one (everything is randomized) every few coins you play, but I won... a 5,000 pt scratch ticket :P Wow, right? Actually, that's pretty cool, because there are rewards... 3,250 pts can be redeemed for a $10 gift card. 8,100 for $25 gift card, or you can donate a few hundred pts to the red cross... There are also Best Buy, Home Depot, iTunes, SHELL (yes for gas!) and even starbucks! and then higher pts can get you an Kitchenaid stand mixer or iPad4 (that's 150,000 pts lol) or stuff like that.

So yeah. I'm kinda excited, because I don't ever win anything, big or not, and the 5k means I'm now less than 2k pts away getting a $25 gift card, which... I might give that to my honey, if he wants it, because he's building a computer and is saving up for the core i7 processor, which if you don't know what that is, that's totally fine because all I know is it's something amazing that he is excited about (but is mega expensive)

But also, it'd be cool to have, just to have. I could make good use out of it. I love shopping, especially when it's free- like before Christmas, I got $85 worth of gift cards (to Starbucks, TJ Maxx, H&M, and American Eagle) for a combined total of $9.95, which is also pretty cool. I got awesome clothes for nearly free.

Yeah, us college kids love free or mega discounted stuff, and I'm pretty good at finding the deals :P
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    emoticon I don't know if all college kids are savers like you. I think you're pretty awesome for being a saver and trying to save up before you have the money. It doesn't always work that way now... Credit-Cards. LOL!!!

    Thanks for sharing. It's fun to have a glance into your life.

    Have a great weekend.

    1897 days ago
  • KONRAD695
    Cool. Good for ou. If your Honey hasn't heard of "newegg" have him check it out. That's where I get most of my computer stuff.
    1897 days ago
    1897 days ago
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