Somehow I ended up in a mud - mosh pit...

Friday, January 11, 2013

I try. I really do. But for the life of me - I simply do not know how I end up in these situations, other than for the amusement of others.

Yesterday I woke up and decided that in order to launch my online vintage store today, I was going to stay inside and work on my photography, listings, and pricing. That was it. Nothing else. And to guarantee that, I took a shower and put a fresh set of pajamas on. (The irony of that considering a prior blog was not lost on me but in all honesty, they were not going to be permitted outside.)

Anyway, there I was, um, in bed, listing away when the phone rang. The wife of the gentleman my husband carpools with called. Apparently, the local Habitat for Humanity Restore was moving and they were having "free day". Anything you wanted was free so they wouldn't have to move it. Her husband asked her to go take a look and 'get what we need' but didn't actually tell her what that might be.


I really wanted to get this done, but free building materials are hard to come by and when you are on a farm, you always need them. So I texted Joe and asked if he wanted me to go and start a pile for him. YES! was his answer with a list:

- PVC pipe
- Fence pipe
- Electrical pipe

Got it - all manner of pipeage.

Then there was:
- Hog wire
- Chicken wire
- Electrical wire

Got it - all manner of wireage.

Then he said - 'just use your discretion.' Uh oh. I am not sure that setting me loose in a warehouse full of free stuff to get whatever I think was appropriate is such a good idea. I asked Joe if this is along the lines of what we now call "The Unfortunate Costco Incident of 2012."

Last year, Joe came home from Costco and sheepishly announced that he is not allowed to go to Costco again without adult supervision. I went out with him to the truck, which was loaded with ... toilet paper. I just stared at nearly 500 rolls of toilet paper and asked him - "uh - why?"
"Well, it was such a good price. And look - I got us 3 gallons of chopped garlic too! Oh - and look at all the paper towels!"

Now, I lovingly say this, but my husband is kind of a kook. He is just sure that times are going to get tough and we need to stock up on stuff. I'm not quite sure what kind of end of the world scenario he is envisioning that will require garlic and toilet paper, other than an invasion of vampires with weak bladders, so I just asked if he expected toilet paper to be the currency of the future.

But I digress from the original intent of this blog.

Off we go to the ReStore for the free for all. Unfortunately they opened earlier than advertised so a lot of stuff was gone but I was off! I found pvc pipe, electrical pipe, plumbing pipe, fittings, gutter stuff, and cinder blocks. Big giant cinder blocks that weighed about 7o pounds. I slowly rolled each block over to our 'pile' in a Biggest Loser type challenge. Then Debbie found a brand new 6 foot tub. So we hauled that over. And a cart with flattened wheels. And hose. And some kind of gasket thing for sealing windows. To keep people from taking from our stash one of us had to stay by it and defend it while the other had to go into the mud pit and scramble for the goods.

Somehow I kept getting tagged and thrown back in like in a WWF match. I'm not sure how but as soon as I dumped off one pile, Debbie was tossing me back in pointing out another pile of loot to grab. The ladies there were kind of intimidated by all the men but I guess I'm just scrappy because I was in there slopping around in the mud.

There is a weird thing that happens to men at piles of free building materials and at the airport luggage carousel. Perfectly reasonable, sweet, gentle men turn into clods that will knock a 70 year old woman over who is trying to get her suitcase or push a 47 year old woman face first into the mud to get to a broken plastic lawn chair. However, enough of them heard me yelp - 'girl down!' when I slipped in the mud and kind of got stuck that they pulled me up enough to break the suction. Ah - chivalry.

Debbie and I ended up waiting in the pouring rain for 3 hours guarding our stash until the guys showed up and we loaded it all in truck. And then Debbie saw a 6-1/2 foot tall window she wanted. Somehow Joe managed to get the window up there and off we drove to deliver their window.

We got home at 8:00. I was up until well past midnight trying to accomplish my goal.

Success! I launched my store today.
HeartSmileFarms on Etsy.

There are still some bugs. Like I can't figure out spell check and how to remove credit card payment. But I'll figure it out.

So Joe has his ReStore crap and I have taken control of another area of my life.

I just haven't figured out how to log yesterday's fitness minutes.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I am rolling at the Costco story..."an invasion of vampires with weak bladders." I'm telling you, you could be our generation's Erma Bombeck!

    You didn't share if you were wearing your pjs in the mosh pit, but I'm thinking...not.
    1736 days ago
    O my goodness, wish I had a place like that to get freebies. Sounded like a lot of fun to me..and took a peek at your etsy store and love all your vintage stuff..I need to get more things on my etsy as well. Thanks for sharing this. emoticon
    1739 days ago
    I have really missed you. Congratulations on getting your store launched. Whenever I read something from you I always feel better than when I started.

    emoticon emoticon
    1739 days ago
  • GLC2009
    i love the restore. our closest one is about 1.5 hrs away, so, i can only go when there's another reason to be there, like taking someone to the airport.
    i would have been in hog heaven having a free day there. congratulations!! emoticon
    i hope you got building supplies. sounds like you need another building to house all your toilet paper. emoticon
    1740 days ago
    lol sounds like great fun to me. Me and my mom have been at things like that good times good times emoticon
    1740 days ago
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