RE: Tuesday 31st December 2012 (New Years Day).

Friday, January 11, 2013

RE: Tuesday 31st December 2012, (New Years Day), this was very quiet, for me as i, was trying to stay, awake i was watching, on TV @ 11.10pm, (Jools Holland Hootenanny), on BBC2 for those, of you who do, not know what this, is about Jools Holland, hosts a Musical Show, where he has very, popular guests who come, on & sing their, own Pop Hits or, sing a long to, 1 of Jools Holland's, own songs.

@ 12.00am i sent, my Mum a Text, wishing her a Happy, New Year & @, 12.05am i then sent, my Sister & her Fiance, a Text wishing them, a Happy New Year, & @ 12.10am i, then sent my Ex, a Text wishing him, a Happy New Year, having sent all my, Happy New Year Texts, i settled back down, to watching my Programme, about 30mins later i, got a Text back, from my Ex saying, Happy New Year, who is it?, i thenTexted back, Melanie Jackson about 10mins.

Later he then Texted, me back saying ok, i thought that that, was kind of strange, him putting ok on that, last Text that he, sent me so i did, not think any more, about it !!!! !!!!.

TBC TBC TBC TBC emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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